Coachee Gwen: I became conscious of my own behaviour

 I didn’t have a clue about what coaching was all about. I thought of psychological questions, deep questions and tiring conversations. After her explanation and because of my curiosity I decided to confront myself and start with the sessions. I wrote down my goals in life and we started to work on those. I thought: “I tell Chungmei what is bothering me and she will solve everything.” Nothing of that was true……

I found the sessions very positive and pleasant. The most important thing that I have learned from the conversations is to be conscious of your own behaviour. Be egoistic and take a few hours a week for yourself. In our society it is difficult to do so. Because of our conversations about my experiences and to evaluate my week, I started to get conscious of my actions.

Because of this I learned to take up new behaviour in stead of the old and automatic behavioural pattern. While repeating the new behaviour in different situations and confrontations I started to live the live I wanted to live. There have been many changes since the first coaching session. I decided to live together with my boyfriend, we bought a house and I changed to a job which suits me better. The most important thing is that I have gone through this personal development with the guidance of: the coach.


Gwen (2004)

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