Coachee Ilse: I discovered my patterns of thinking and acting

Because of the distance we decided to keep the coaching sessions by phone. In the beginning I found it strange, because you start talking about all your personal issues with someone else. Then again, it felt naturally and you gave me the feeling that you handle the information in a professional and trustworthy way. What I perceived as odd is the following: a coach will let you think and talk freely and only by giving feedback you guide my thinking process. This is a good method to think over one’s thinking and behavioural pattern.

In the meantime we are two months further. We have weekly conversations of an hour and we finish a conversation with either you giving me homework for the next week or I give myself homework such as taking time for myself. I have already learned a lot and I am still learning more about myself. Through talking about yourself, you will discover certain patterns of thinking and acting. Therefore some situations can be unexpectedly confronting, because you will be more conscious about your own behavioural pattern. As a coach you reinforce this acknowledgement and you make it tangible to me.

In the beginning the conversations were exhausting to me, but slowly it will get easier because you will identify more with your actual identity. I am very curious about what is ahead of me regarding the personal development. Againt my own nature of being a control freak and planning ahead I will try to let go of this and just let it be and accept that these changes takes time. 

I am pleased with your manner of working so far. You give me liberty to say what I want to say, you don’t force anything and again and again you hold up the mirror in which I see myself clearly. To keep on track with the process you send me a monthly evaluation of our sessions. In this evaluation you give me your perception and you know exactly how to spot the things in my life which will stimulate my personal growth.

The process still hasn’t come to an end, but there is progress…….
What you do is amazing! -Ilse (2004)


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