My Trip to Hong Kong

Last year I went to HK for 5 days. This was in May and the weather was beautiful. Though I didn’t see much at daylight I did get an impression of the city. I went for business purposes. I could join a friend of mine, his name is Lucas Derks, who is working as a NLP trainer. He is also the founder of the method Social Panorama which I use in my practice as a LifeCoach. A dear friend of mine, Muriel, joined me on this trip spontaneously and we had a hilarious time.


Through a cousin of mine I got to know Michael. He is a Chinese from Australia. He introduced us to his circle of friends and to the nightlife in HK city. An amazingly ambitious guy who curiously enough had the time to invite us to dinners and showed us around the centre. Respect!

In HK I had my first experience with private restaurants. These restaurants are somehow listed, but they don’t have the licence to appear in regular advertisements, newspapers and magazines. We got some celebrity treatment with 2 private waiters. I felt like a princess! Incredible!! The food was delicious.

Back to my training: the training about the method Social Panorama was organised for consultants. I had some great experiences working with Cantonese speaking Chinese people who were either working in business or health care organisations. As a coach I noticed a cultural difference with the Dutch culture. The Dutch express theirselves more in comparison to the Chinese. The Dutch share their opinions and emotions can be read off their faces. Generally speaking, Chinese people, who are born and grew up in China, don’t have strong emotional facial and bodily expressions. This means that as coaches we need to be more aware and take the time to guide them fully through the process. It was very interesting to see how acting upon these cultural differences made such a huge difference in results. Well, as globe trotters and living in multi-cultural Holland, it should be our second nature to mingle in different cultures, right?

Lucas Derks -Sociaal Panorama

Lucas Derks -Sociaal Panorama

Off course we couldn’t leave HK without visiting the Peak. Up there we had some sushi and took some amazing pictures of the mountains in combinations with the skyscrapers. Such a small piece of land covered with skycrapers and other buildings. How does the land support all of this?

The sad thing about worktrips is that you get the taste of a country, but before you realise it, you are already back in Holland. I definitely want to return to HK and see some more of it at daylight!


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