Geeske: Now I can choose for the things which are important to me with full conviction

During several months Chungmei guided me on the search for a path between my own expectations and the garbage I carry with me. Through great questioning she revealed my unconscious thinking which played a big role in limiting myself. By sharing my unconscious thinking and emotions with her, she helped me to be positive towards life and to choose my own direction in life.

Without her guidance I would have lost myself in the negativity which often reigns in Holland through complaining and the focus on what goes wrong in society and daily life. Now I can choose for the things which are important to me with full conviction and more selfesteem. Along the way I confront my fellow human being with their strengths and the beautiful side of life.

Off course she did not to this by herself, because she needed my input for sure. But the other way around is more true –I did not to it by myself, but with the guidance of a special lady who early in life knew for what she was born to do. Chungmei was not only my coach, but she is an example of calmness and positivity and an expert in her field. I would highly recommend you to contact her so you can get to know her and decide for yourself.

Geeske, 25th of November 2008.


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