How are the First Weeks with the Woman of your Life?

How are the first weeks with the woman of your life?

How are the first weeks with the woman of your life? Do you take her to your parents place after 4 dates or after half a year? Do you sleep over with her at your parents place or do you only drink a cup of tea with them? Does your mom suggest you guys to live together or to just take it easy? Do you play a game of chess or do you go to the cinema?

In 2007 the internet became one of my best friends. At that time I was in Australia and it was the best way to stay in touch with my family, friends and acquaintances. Hyves made it possible to exchange thoughts with old friends and new friends. In May I placed a business oriented message and she answered in a formal way. Somehow she made such an impression on me that I was drawn to her profile. Within one minute I knew I wanted to get to know her better. Even though I tried my best to get to know her, she took a bit longer (4 months) to decide the same. Finally we became more than friends. I proposed to go for sushi and salsa dancing when I would be back in Holland. On the 20th of December she was able to meet me. My heart was already dancing in small circles on easy music. She mailed me her phone number on Hyves because of our date on the 20th of December, but I called her right away. During our first conversation we talked non-stop for two hours. The following four weeks we were in contact 24/7 (five days of phoning and one weekend together). The music became louder, wilder and more cheerful. And what happened? Let me answer my opening questions.

“Yes”, in the first week of 2008 she stayed at my parents place. “Yes”, we played three games of chess and “Yes”, my mother thought it would be wise to live together. “Pretty fast?”, “Not wise?”, “A big risk?” and especially “Abnormal?”. My heart says that taking it slower is not wise and it the biggest risk is to not go and live together. And perhaps…the first weeks with the woman of your life should be abnormal.

Written by Arnold Emile Balde

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