True Love Sounds like…


Around the end of August last year I told my colleagues at work that I will have a man, a car and a house in 2008. They all laughed at me and thought: “Woman dream on!”

Living in my own dream world my exclamation was based on my search for true love. My search for true love started two years ago after a relationship which had a destructive character. Further it was based on the wish to have a loving and cheerful 2008 after a year of hard work and deep rooted grief.

I felt dead tired of grief about my father who passed away. I barely knew him. Just before his illness he came back into our lives. Short after his passing my life took another direction. In the weekend of the 24th and 25th of November I received an e-mail of Arnold. Arnold, a guy who I met in May 2007 through Hyves. Because of business orientated message we got in touch and due to his effort, the relationship changed into a digital friendship. He would be back in Holland soon after two years in Australia.

During his first weekend in Holland, the weekend of the 24th and 25th of November he mailed me two salsa songs guided with the text: I have been dancing on these two salsa songs in my living room and I wanted to share this with you. My heart jumped into the air and with eyes of disbelief I stared at the mail. How is this possible? A day before, I was dancing on the same two songs in my living room. I hadn’t listened to these songs for years. The only logical thought which followed was: this guy is going to be very special to me.My hard work is rewarded. My life is going to start and the house and car will follow for sure.

Now we are six weeks further and the love between us is sealed with his mother’s words: I am so happy that you joined our family. Tears of joy were running down my face. The long awaited true love found me while he was in Australia.

Written by Chungmei Cheng

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