Synchronicity in my Life

First of all: what is synchronicity? Synchronicity is when circumstances, thoughts and people coincide in the same moment and you wonder how on earth it was possible for it to happen.

Synchronicity is more than coicidence
A friend of mine once walked on the pavements and she thought of the one she loved. Suddenly she saw the name of the one she loved on a piece of paper lying on the street.
Her hart started to pump faster. ‘How is this possible?’ We call it coincidence, but you can also perceive it as synchronicity. From the perspective of synchronicity we are all one and connected to each other. The core of my being is connected with the core of your being and the whole universe.

Deepak Chopra about meaningful coincidence
Deepak Chopra describes in his book ‘The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire how synchronicity works and how we can experience more synchronicity in our lives. He says: ‘I believe that every coincidence is a message which guides us to focus on a specific area in our lives. By giving attention to the coincidences in your life you will better understand the meaning of the coincidences.

Once you understand how life works, the stream of energy, information and intelligence which influences every moment you will see the amazing potential of each moment. Worldly occurrences don’t bother you anymore. You will become a cheerful and happy person. Also you will come across more coincidences in your life.

Out of experience I totally agree with Deepak Chopra. From the moment I started living the life I desire I experienced small and big moments of synchronicity.

Big moment of Synchronicity
In the blog ‘True Love sounds like…’ I wrote: ‘In the weekend of the 24th and 25th of November I received an e-mail of Arnold. Arnold, a guy who I met in May 2007 through Hyves. Because of business orientated message we got in touch and due to his effort, the relationship changed into a digital friendship. He would be back in Holland soon after two years in Australia. During his first weekend in Holland, the weekend of the 24th and 25th of November he mailed me two salsa songs guided with the text: I have been dancing on these two salsa songs in my living room and I wanted to share this with you. My heart jumped into the air and with eyes of disbelief I stared at the mail. How is this possible? A day before, I was dancing on the same two songs in my living room. I hadn’t listened to these songs for years. The only logical thought which followed was: this guy is going to be very special to me.’  Yes, and he is still special to me and every day I enjoy his presence.

Even more Synchronicity today!
Even though I had some things scheduled to do,  I changed my planning, because I felt like writing about synchronocity. I thought about posting the blogs we wrote about the first weeks of our relationship on this weblog and especially the part with which I wanted to illustrate my big moment of synchronicity. As I was posting this part, I read the lines ‘24th and 25th of November. Seconds later my eyes moved to the date of the post: ‘25th of November’! It is exactly one year ago that I received his mail and a day before I was dancing on these salsa songs in my previous home. A deep sensation of happiness flowed through my whole system. After I had posted these blogs my man phoned me and I told him about my synchronicity experience. The cirkel of love is complete. I feel gratitude, happiness, love and respect for life.

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