Let’s make 2009 a memorable one!!

I hope I find you in good health! A year goes by pretty fast, don’t you think? As I look back on 2008 I can say that it has been a surprising year for me, full of new opportunities and inevitable moments where you stop and give life full attention.

When I received my first Christmas card I thought: shit & nice at the same time, the coming weeks I will receive sweet cards with beautiful wishes from friends and family and they won’t receive any card from my side, either per post or digitally.

And then out of the blue the idea came to my mind to make a photo overview, choosing one photo per month, to review 2008. Reflecting on 2008 would give me more piece of mind and it would be a great alternative for a christmas and happy new year card.  I would like to share with you 12 photo’s illustrating 2008, take a look at the Chungmei’s PHOTOSTREAM.

After I finished the photo -overview I had a clear view on what I experienced in 2008. While looking at the pictures other memories came to my mind and I could fill in the spots in between the pictures. My head was cleared and I created more space to look ahead and see what would come my way personal and business wise. Yes, I am going to enjoy this year.

I wish you a healthy, inspiring and loving 2009!

Camping, Chungmei


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