Professional Networking: Let Things Happen!

Yesterday I was at a New Year event  of the Chamber of Commerce of the Hague. The Kurhaus was crowded with guests, especially man in suit. Compared to the New Year event in Amsterdam last week, we couldn’t assist different kinds of workshops and business speed-dating sessions. As my goal was to get to know people, exchange ideas and enlarge my network of business contacts I had to randomly start conversations with people on my own.  

Well, here I go. First of all, I had to pass this idea of the event in Amsterdam which was organised pretty good. Secondly, I walked around a bit to orientate myself in the big room of people and control some nervousness popping up in my belly and mind. After I calmed down I started to think about whom I would speak to. I walked up a man who was standing alone at a table in the back of the room.

He was the first person I spoke to and being the ceo he is. He talked my ears off. He is the ceo of a recycling company  and the conversation went on for more than half an hour. After exchanging little information about the business in which we work we spoke about ‘life taking it’s own course’, ‘things happen for a reason’, ‘the flow of life: synchronicity’ and so on. The man was highly spiritual orientated and felt like he could talk to me about these topics. Referring to us meeting each other he said that he didn’t know why we met, but perhaps he would discover this later on.

While he was talking about synchronicity I thought: ‘Well one thing already is clear to me! During the same day I wrote an article in Dutch about ‘Go with the Flow: starting the New Year Happy!’. His life business story confirmed the essence of what I wanted to pass on to my readers. In business he just ‘let things happen’. Read ‘the Lazy Manifesto: Do Less. Then, Do even Less’ to get an in –dept view on ‘letting things happen’. I also agree with another belief of his: things will come your way, but be sure to say ‘no’ on time when you feel that the newly created situation brings more negative then positive energy.

I had a magnificent time after I tuned in to the setting of the New Year event. Sometimes you just have to work harder to get yourself out there.  

Note: Would you like to be coached on social skills & professional networking, take a look on: Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching.

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