Professional Networking and Cooking!

In September 2008 I joined an association named ‘Haagsche vrouwenzaken’ in Dutch. Even though the name is Dutch there are also members whose native language is English.

They organise events with different themes in the Hague. Last year, beginning of December, we had a cooking workshop in the Hague. And there we were with almost 30 woman in a beautiful, tiny location with two cooks helping us out. The menu was a mixture of Japanese and Spanisch cooking such as sushi with tuna, chicken teriyak with baked aubergines, merluza and jamon serrano con verduras. It was delicious! It was also fun to walk around with apertives while everyone was still behind the stove busy preparing the main dishes.

The point of all this cooking was off course getting to know each other and while you are at it, doing business. Most of the business was done while we were enjoying the main dishes at the table.



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