Starting a DreamTeam and get Groupcoaching!

Why Groupcoaching?
Would you like to go after your dreamlife? Then here is your chance. Are you ready to go after your big dreams yet tired of going it alone? Yearning for connection and support from likeminded, creative women? Are you willing to open up, share and connect while taking essential steps towards your personal goals?

Join me, Chungmei, and up to six amazing women for three months of intensive and inspiring groupcoaching each two weeks. We are talking here about six coaching meetings in the Hague.

Gathering your DreamTeam
The groupcoaching is open for everyone who signs up, but I can imagine that it is fun to work with your friends, colleagues and everyone you like to work with. Get your friends as enthusiastic as you are and sign up with a whole team of 5 woman for inspiring DreamTeam coaching meetings.

Benefits to You
Through your active participation during these coaching meetings you will:
• Gain clarity on your core values and future vision
• Develop an action plan for accomplishing your goals
• Create a structure to hold you accountable and support you along the way
• Have a safe space to discuss obstacles, be challenged to your next level and to celebrate your success
• Awaken and access your own creative brilliance • Get the guidance and support of an experienced certified coach and the perspectives and collective wisdom from the circle

Through creative assignments, self-reflection, journaling and sharing discoveries, you will get the motivation you need and craft a plan for your life vision.

This program is perfect for you if you are:
• Interested in partnering with a coach at a more affordable rate than one-on-one coaching
• Wanting the additional support, insight and connection of a group
• Committed to showing up fully and doing the work
• Craving to live your life in full color doing what you love

Program Details
• Possible Starting days & times in April & May: Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 1 pm till 3 pm.
• Six Coaching meetings
• Every two weeks
• Duration coaching meeting: 2 hours
Participants: maximum of 6 woman
• Location: the Hague at the Orchid of Life practice or other locations in the Netherlands. I am open to travel. Travel time and expenses will be charged and added to the investment /payment of the group coaching among the participants.
• Your Investment: €285,-

Program Includes:
• Reading materials
• Resources
• Individual exercises
• Facilitated group activities

Sign up for the Groupcoaching by mailing me on . In case you have gathered your complete DreamTeam send me the name and contact details of every participant (max. 5 woman), on what each of you would like to work on and when you would like to start. If you have any questions you can also contact me by phone: +31(0)642804038.

For more information about my coaching activities, take a look on: Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching.
Kind regards, Chungmei Cheng

Creative Brilliance

Creative Brilliance

Photographer Ouxu Cheng

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