Coachee Anne Marie: physically I feel much better now

As a preparation for the coaching sessions Chungmei asked me to think about my personal goals in the following area’s: study, health, family, hobby, work etc. My important goals were gaining more self confidence, be less influenced by atmosphere and mood changes and learning to deal with changes. As a kid I was really shy. I am not that shy anymore, but sometimes the shyness bounces back as a kind of a panic attack or a black –out (this happens when I don’t feel at ease). Other important goals were finishing my studies, finding a suitable job, having more time to myself and improving the condition of my neck and back.

During the sessions we worked towards my goals and I got insights about what was holding me back in doing so. This resulted in some difficult moments, but we also had some laughs. The combination of serious, personal conversations in an informal setting was very pleasant. The most special part of coaching to me is that I, myself, came up with new answers and solutions. Things you think of yourself more often have a bigger impact than advices from others. This is why I was more motivated to take actions towards my goals.

By now I can say that the coaching sessions resulted in positive changes in my life. I know where my negative feelings come from and therefore can deal with them or let them go. I take more time for myself, feel self confident and can better deal with changes. I have a dynamic job which suits me. Every day is different and I don’t have a problem with these changes. Physically I feel much better and I enjoy my time more.

If you are interested in lifecoaching, take a look on: Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching

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