Free Try Out Class Capoeira in the Hague!


I am doing Capoeira!! It is a fantastic way of getting your body moving, being with nice and open people and play Brasilian instruments. See below an email from Vitamina, monitor of Capoeira in the Hague, to his current students:

Hi Tim, Jayton, Elena, Mara, Ben, Alexandre, Alessia, Sara, Elvis, Jacquelien, Velina, Chungmei, Viki, Michal, Brenda, Sherkent, Wouter, Temor, Ines, Preet, Nikki, Angie, Kaloyan, Michael en Edelza!

Good to see these names. Why? Well, because The Netherlands, China, Suriname, Mexico, Bulgaria, Poland, The Antilles, Afghanistan, Indonesia en Brasil are all represented in the list! Personally, I extremely enjoy learning from different cultures and people. And, yes, I believe that capoeira can be a way to the share this with each other. And all of this under the flag of Brazil and capoeria. Yea! haha, but anyway, lets only my opinion, whats yours?

Another reason to like the list of names is because I can imagine what could happen if we are all together in a roda (circle of capoeira)…. how about you?

3 people play the berimbau, 1 atabaque (kind of conga), 2 pandeiros (tambourine), 1 reco reco (kind of rasp) and a agogo (kind of cow bell); 13 people left, of which 2 are playing capoeira, and 11 clapping. With all 25 we sing, and you feel the flow which raises your voice, not only your voice, but your neighbours as well…. Can you imagine it? If not, great, if yes, great. The fact remains that it will happen. hahaha. well, lets leave it here, and we’ll work on it tonight. 😉

Start 2e capoeira course
Next tuesday, 24/03/2009, the second capoeira course will start at the Hague college. Could you please confirm you attendence by email if have not already done this on the 17th of March. 10 classes are 65 Euros which you can pay me before class on the 24th of March. My emailadress is:

There is also a class on Friday, at a different location, which you also can enjoy (nice word ha? ‘enjoy’ haha). For combined payment; last paragraph.

Free try-out session on friday the 3th of April
Capoeira classes on Friday I started in summer last year. I’m quite fond of the building which is kind of old, and cosy. On the 3th of April I will give a free try-out session anyone that is interested in trying capoeira. Main idea is to let them experience a capoeira class and share and spread some capoeira-happiness! class is also from 19.00-20.30. Of course it would be nice if you brought friends, but Im also very happy with your presence (its free for everyone)!

Costs are 6,50 Euro per class. 10x = 65 Euros. One time try-out session is 5 Euro, casual class is 8,50.

On Tuesday
Next week, 24/03/2009, you can pay 65 Euros before class starts. Course is in blocks of 10 classes.

On Friday
Prior to your first class you pay 65 Euros, which allows you to follow 10 classes. Check once in while how many classes you have left.

Both days
The more capoeira the better! haha. Then you simple pay for 2 days; one day you pay per 10 classes (65 Euros) and the other one per 5 classes (32,50 Euros).

Tonight we will rock ‘n roll again, be ready! see you there!

Now me = going to the sunshiny outside !!!



For more information see website: Grupo Engenho, Capoeira in the Hague.


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