Coachee Jan: Now I experience Inner Peace


I still remember very well that I met Chungmei two years ago at a NLP conference. I liked her way of communication immediately. She spoke clear, relaxed and with a nice tone of voice. Our first appointment was because she wanted to interview me about my views on love. This was because she was doing  a project called LoveCookie. Her way of asking questions got me thinking about my love life.

A few months after this interview I noticed I was worrying way to much about my girlfriend. I didn’t feel comfortable with this feeling. I contacted Chungmei and went through a coachingsession which gave me piece of mind concerning the troubled feelings I felt. Once in a while I still feel worried. Now I know how to manage these feelings. I use the anker which she taught me during the coaching session. Afterwards I feel more relaxed.

At the beginning of last year I had done another Love Cookie Interview with her, but this time with the relationship I had. Again it was a comfortable and easy going conversation which got me thinking again. This resulted in a lot of new insights about love relationships. Shortly after this interview we broke up. I was going through a rough time after the break up. I needed some coaching and ended up writing Chungmei an email. A few hours later she phoned me. This ment a lot to me. We had a good conversation over the phone. Even though we spoke like 15 minutes I felt good, because of her clear voice and sharp remarks. Because of this phone call I decided to do several coachingsessions with her. I wanted to work towards more inner peach, listening to myself and not to loose myself in a love relationship.

Her coaching resulted in experiencing inner peace within myself. I have had some more coachingsessions the last couple of months. Somewhere end of last year I was going through a terrible period and who phoned me after a short mail? Yes, Chungmei, well need I say more? Wonderful! Sometimes I believe you need a good reminder and that’s also something you can call on her for. The nice and warm coachingpractice of Chungmei feels like ‘home’ to me. I am me.


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