Coachee Patricia: unexpectedly I felt closer to myself

When I met Chungmei she told me she was working as a coach. I was interested in the idea of coaching, because I still felt that a few things in my life could be improved although I had spoken with psychologists in the past because of my depression.

One of the things I wanted to work on was ‘love’. When it came to love relationships I had the feeling that I wasn’t able to open myself towards potential relationships. I didn’t find this easy to discuss, but with Chungmei all shame disappears, because she has an honest and practical approach: if you want something to change in your life, you better tell me what is going through your mind, because otherwise it will take very long before something happens. Again and again she proved to be very alert to what I needed and creative in coaching me.

Soon I found out that a lot more came to the surface then the questions for which I originally started with the coachingsessions. She guided me through my blocked and surpessed emotions in less than 10 sessions, while I have been going to different psychologists for years.

Now, a few months after the first session, I know why I was depressed. Moreover I know where to work on to prevent being depressed in the future. I am especially happy, because I learned to feel and live with an open mind. This was totally unexpected and at the same time the best that could ever happen to me. Chungmei is an extraordinary equipped, driven and upright coach.


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