Discover the Hague by a Greeters Tour


Last year September 2008 I joined Greeters the Hague as a volunteer. I love the concept. When you wish you to be guided in the Hague you can send a mail to their site. They will connect you to a volunteer who will show you the city from their perspective. So don’t expect a professional tour through the Hague, but instead be open for surprises from a non -touristical level. The tours are given to everyone who is interested. (so not only exclusively for tourists)

Until now I have guided a Spanish, Scottish and two German ladies who have one thing in common. They are all expats living and working in the Hague! It was great fun! Everytime I keep on discovering bits and pieces of the city which has a positive effect on my tour-repetoire!

If you would like to become a Greeter or want to be guided then visit the website: Greeters the Hague.

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