Flow of my Life

2004 in Dusseldorf, Germany

For a period of three weeks my life was filled with synchronic moments. Moment after moment I was flabbergasted. Why should I be flabbergasted? I am living the life I want. Following my heart, living together with the love of my life, healthy and fortunate. Off course these things will happen to me. That’s what the Course of Miracles, the Secret and Synchronic living of Deepak Chopra teaches us.

And why am I still slightly shocked when my whishes and thoughts come true? One word: magic! It’s magical to me. Living such a light life in which everything I want to enhance my life and the life of others crosses my path. I feel like a child discovering something new.

There were a few wishes from my side:
– Reconnect with Chinese people ( I have a Chinese background)
– I wanted to have some publicity for Orchid of Life
– Thought about Chris, didn’t see him for a long time and wished to just meet him at some random place in stead of mailing or phoning

27th of May: someone on Twitter starts following me. I discover that we are already connected by two people and that we were at the same event in 2007.

31st of May: a long time Chinese friend of mine who I met 8 years ago came back into my life. She is working as a writer for CRTV magazine and was googling on mixed relationships and ended up at the Orchid of Life site. After having seen my picture on the site, she was drawn to the picture for the second time. And there it was, the image struck her. She met me before through a mutual friend. One wish came true. She will mention my work in the article that she is going to write for the August edition of CRTV magazine. Through this meeting I have been invited by the chairman of CRTV to feature in their radio show. Great!

4th of June: From April till the end of June I worked for the Dutch Waterway Authority as a Communication Advisor. What happenend? After two months I was recognized by someone working at the recruitment agency. The same person with whom I shaked hands the first time I entered the building. We met each other in 2007 in the train, both heading to a course concerning personal development.

8th of June: a contact of the college where I studied mails me to ask if I want to be mentioned in a magazine for the parents of their students. Yes, off course! I will be mentioned with my LifeCoachingpractice.

13th of June: and the moments continue. Remember my wish concerning seeing Chris again. He is a long time friend whom I met in 1999. I wanted to just come across him. One week after my wish I came across him at the Biological supermarket in the Hague centre. Out of a deeply felt enthusiasm and laughter I shouted at him: Chris, long time no see!

Miracles can happen when you start following your heart and do good for yourself and for others and the world in which we live in.


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