Start uncluttering your Life!

Last week we spend all week uncluttering our house. Returning from Brasil, my partner, brought a lot of Brasilian instruments and we had to create space. Already back in the Netherlands we saw the movie ‘Into the Wild’. This movie motivated us even more to get rid of things we hadn’t used for years. By the way I truly can recommend watching this movie. It will get your fingers itchy to do the things you really want to do.

Starting this cleaning operation I thought of all the documents I still had from my study Communication. Also, shoes and clothing I never wore and things lingering around with no purpose at all. The stuff were piling up and for many reasons I wanted to keep them, but in fact never looked at these items again. Well, it was indeed time for us to dive into history and make living in the presence spacious and light.

While I was going through my shoes I bumped up to my favourite blue/white Adidas sneakers. Yes, again I needed to force myself to decide what to do with these Adidas Soulmates. Looking at them, I thought about all the memories related to them. The streetdance classes I taught, the r&b and soul concerts I visited and not to mention summer festivals. Twelve long years they were my companion and now they had to make room for gourds (part of the capoeira instrument ‘Berimbau’) Allright then, a quick picture, and get on with sorting out all stuff.

Taking pictures is a good way to have a great reminder of the stuff you had. But, tell me, how big is the chance that you will look through these pictures after you have taken them? Yes, while a part of mine is very dreamy and unrealistic, another part came up and surprise, surprise: it was the realistic part! To tell you the truth I didn’t take pictures of the next thing I threw away: all of my beloved projects I worked on while I was studying Communication. *tap on my shoulders* Yes, yes, thank you, thank you, I am able to say goodbye too.

This was thanks to my partner who encouraged a friend of mine to talk me psychologically out of keeping these documents. For your information: she is a psychologist. She said to me: Chungmei, if you really want to keep the documents, just keep them! Ahum..she got me thinking! Her remark had a surprisingly ‘provocative coaching’ effect on me. “No way, I am going to get rid of everything!”

my beloved Adidas Sneakers

my beloved Adidas Sneakers


2 thoughts on “Start uncluttering your Life!

  1. Ik kan ook echt niks weggooien… jij zou vast gek worden als je mijn huis zou zien, hihi (wacht maar, ik heb al foto’s gemaakt voor on-line *grijns*).

    Maar ook ik gebruik de fototruc, die werkt! En ja, ik kijk die foto’s echt nog terug, want ik plak ze in mijn Dagboek en schrijf allerlei fijne herinneringen op de blz. erna. 🙂

    Ik moest hardop lachen om je laatste alinea! 😀

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