Am I living the perfect life as a lifecoach?

Jaua Brasil 2009

Are you leading the perfect life as a lifecoach? I was asked this question recently by a French girl. Clever girl! People have asked me this question many times. I understand this completely. I am dealing with peoples lives. If I would be unhappy with my own life this would lead to negative and low energy. So this is why I not lead the perfect life, but strive to lead a mentally and psychically healthy life.

So back to the question. To be able to answer the question, you need to first define what ‘perfect’ is for you and for me.

For some the word ‘perfect’ could be described as in..

..doing the work that you love,
..being with the love of your life,
…living in the house and city that you adore,
..driving a car, own several bikes (or other vehicles),
..having peaceful relationships with everyone around you,
..being in peace with yourself all the time, in good health, blessed with family and children,
..going on a holiday at least 3 times a year,
..being able to do all the sports you like and so on!

Focus and work on aspects which are important to you! And then you can say with true conviction that you lead the perfect life. Remember, less is more! Well, I can definitely say that I am leading the PERFECT life with only focussing on a few aspects of this list! So may I now continue my work as a lifecoach? 😉

And what about you? Are you working towards the perfect life or already living it?


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