Love Hotel in Salvador -Brazil Part 1


Above you see my hands holding sand from the beach in Rio de Janeiro. This is where our vacation this year started!
The coming blogs will be about our experiences in Brazil, where we spent 5 weeks this year. The reason for our trip was capoeira. My partner teaches capoeira in the Hague. His capoeira name is Vitamina. He represents Grupo Engenho, a Brazilian capoeira group, in the Netherlands.

Love Hotels
I would like to share our experience in a ‘love hotel’. Yes sir! After a capoeira roda in Salvador it was after 11 pm when we took a bus looking for a hotel where we could stay the night. We jumped of the bus, because Vitamina thought he recognized a hotel where we stayed before. As we came closer to the flashy red lights it became clear that it wasn’t the same hotel. The red lights reminded me of the red light district in Amsterdam. “No way, I am not going to stay in that hotel!!”, i said. Since we didn’t have information about any other hotel and because it was late, we rang the doorbell.

We were welcomed by three big clocks showing us three time zones, a neat apple green colored cantine and friendly employees. One of them showed us a few rooms. Imagine this: we were both tired to the bone, Vitamina speaks Portuguese, my Portuguese was poor and this guy was explaining to us all the possibilities of the hotel. All the possibilities? Yes, over and over again, because our comprehension of the Portuguese words he used was very slow.

While he was talking, we thought that we would pay around at least 60 Reais per person, but in the end we paid an unimaginable small amount of money for the overnight stay. Finally I, of all people, understood what he was trying to explain. We could stay the night for only 24 Reais per person!?! If only we would leave before 9 o’ clock in the morning. Apparently we bumped up to a ‘love hotel’. A hotel where you can pay per hour to be with your loved one, to have anonymous sex or just SLEEP. Like we did!

By Chungmei Cheng
Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching


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