See Paradise on Earth -Brazil Part 4


This is the fourth blog in a serie of blogs about our experiences in Brazil, where we spent 5 weeks this year. The reason for our trip was capoeira. My partner teaches capoeira in the Hague. His capoeira name is Vitamina. He represents Grupo Engenho, a Brazilian capoeira group, in the Netherlands.

Finding Strength in Beauty
The photo above got me through the downs of our trip! One glance at this photo and immediately I feel calm in mind and heart. Recently I read in a magazine about psychology that a photo of a savanna on your desktop has a calming effect on your state of mind. A savanna repesents freedom and safety at the same time. Other images of nature have a similar effect. Like images of much green and water. Now this photo welcomes me when I open my laptop.

By Chungmei Cheng
Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching


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