Dan Buettner: How to Live to be 100+

9 HABITS to live to be 100+

Below some ideas to implement these habits in our western lives:

1. MOVE NATURALLY: take the stairs in stead of the elevator, walk to your supermarket and carry your groceries or take your shopping bag on wheels with you to be able to buy more groceries, take the bycicle to the gym in stead of the car, clean your house in stead of paying a cleaner to do this :), same goes up for your garden: learn to garden yourself in stead of hiring a gardner…

2. Right Outlook -Downshift: Downshift means taking time to slow down. After a day of working/thinking do something to clear your mind: meditate, take a walk, do yoga, close your eyes and breath, put on your favourite music in the car and sing out loud shamelessly, break your routine and have a coffee after a work before heading home…Do what you want to do to downshift regularly and make it a strong habit.

3. Right Outlook -Purpose now: find out what your purpose in life is, because this purpose can make you live 7 years longer! Having a purpose activates you to reach out for that purpose every day.

4. Eat Wisely – wine @5: drink a bit of red wine every day. Read more about why red wine is heart healthy.

5. Eat Wisely -Plant Slant: implement beans and nuts in your diet. Off course eating beans is time consuming. Soaking beans during the night and cook them the next day for at least an hour or 2. But when you decided upon living a healthy live I advice you to overcome the time-limitations and learn yourself this new habit of soaking and cooking beans. When you are in the process of learning yourself this habit, think of the long-term benefits for your health and energy level and keep on trying to think of soaking the beans a day ahead.

It will turn into something which is integrated in your behaviour. Keep a variety of beans in your kitchen cupboards so you have a nice selection to choose from when you’re hungry for beans. Some beans are easy to cook and don’t need soaking, such as marrowfats and lentils.

6. Eat Wisely -80% rule: eat as much as your body needs. Dan tells us in his presentation that the 80% rule refers to eating your stomach full for 80% as the people in Okinawa do. As he says: it takes half an hour for the full feeling to arrive to your brain. I believe we need to listen better to what our body’s want to tell us. Get your mind and body connected again. Use point 2 ‘Right Outlook -downshift’ to get to your mind-body connection.

7. Connect -Loved Ones First: spend time with your loved ones (young & old), help your loved ones when they are in need and you will feel a strong sense of happiness.

8. Connect -Belong: believe in something which keeps you balanced, strong and healthy. Think of religion, a way of life, people you admire, your family and a purpose in life.

9. Connect -Right Tribe: hang out with healthy people and you will get intertwined with their lifestyle.

Good luck & enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life!
Do you need some help with changing your lifestyle?
Contact me: Chungmei Cheng of Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching


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