1st day of SUMMER and last week before maternity leave


Summer arrived with the beautiful sunbeams shining on our balcony. Working from home has it’s benefits. One of them is to be able to lounge in a very comfortable chair. A chair in which you can sit/lay in three different positions. This is especially great because my babybelly is getting bigger and bigger. The only imaginable risk is that it is so comfortable that I could fall asleep. If it was not for my everlasting drive to be busy with coachingactivities I would fall asleep and then lounging wouldn’t be an option. Fortunately I can work and live through the day because of these sunny powerbreaks.

With this beautiful first summer day my last week before maternity leave started as well. My last week, hmmm? Nooo, that’s not possible! There are a few things I would like to finish. Since being pregnant and all I fail on concentration and focus. Does this irritate me? Well, to a certain extent, yes: it’s keeping me busy. I WANT to WORK and finish what I started, but nature calls a lot lately. When I have energy, I work. When I need rest, I take my rest. It’s like a constant communication with my body. Which is good. As a coach I would advise everyone (yes everyone, including the men!:-)) to get pregnant at least once in your life. The process will draw your attention to your body which definitely leads to a more healthy balance between mind and body.

And how come I can live with not finishing my project? Guess once!! Because there is a much BIGGER thing waiting for me/us! Our baby, our first child. How is that for a change? No projects, nor coachingsessions to deal with, but the biggest ‘project’ in life for which I don’t have any experience. Allright, does it count that I have changed diapers of my little brother? Don’t think so. From next week on I will take a deep dive into a neverending babyworld. Will go with the flow!


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