Being aware of your own behaviour


Lifecoaching takes you to a level of awareness which will have a positive outcome within all of your relationships, either personal or business.

One of my coachees came to the following conclusion about her own behaviour:

“Another awareness of how I respond to people: my attitude towards people and potential friendships isn’t good. I have a tendancy to blame and critisice. Sometimes I find it difficult to let go. Letting go and moving on, without carrying emotional toxic baggage.”

During coachingsessions many people come to realize how they behave in different situations, because of the questions I ask. What I also do as a coach is to get people thinking about the connections between the different situations. After a while they come to a common demonitator which is the start of the changing process.

The common demonitator I refer to are the limiting thoughts which are so deeply hidden away in one’s mind that it takes some time to dig it up. I see coachees struggle to find out what is really irritating them or holding them back to take any kind of positive action.

Examples of limiting thoughts are:
‘I am not good enough’
‘I don’t deserve to be well-treated’
‘All men are cows’
‘I am not getting the respect I deserve’
‘I am not competent’

And there are many more possibilities of limiting thoughts. When you read through them I believe you can imagine what a relieve one’s able to feel after having worked on these thoughts. And there is something you should be aware of before starting coaching. Many times people come into my practice and tell me they want to work on for example ‘effective communication with colleagues’, ‘personal efficiency’, ‘being able to give presentations at work in a relaxed way’ or ‘feeling comfortable and at ease within love relationship (jealousy)’. After some coaching during the first session or the following sessions the ‘real’ deeper hidden causes pop up and we start to work with the related thoughts and feelings. So lifecoaching/being coached by me is not only about practically reaching your goals, as in taking actions. But also working on everything regarding the mind and heart to finally integrate new behaviour for long-term effects.

If you have any questions, get in touch with me!

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