Relation -evaluation for Singles

I have been coaching singles lately. There are times that you can spend years as a single. Off course in your younger days it feels fine to be alone and work on your own ambitions, spent time with your friends and go on adventurous trips all over the world. But in time your ambition becomes reality. And then what? Deep down inside you could admit to yourself that you would like to share your life with someone after all these years.

Thoughts that could run through your mind are ‘I want a relationship, but somehow I am not open to it’ and ‘I have started the dating process through internet dating, but at the point of setting up a date, I find myself turning away from the computer and focus on something else’. A period of self -reflection motivated some coachees to take the step to lifecoacing. They admited to themselves that they would appreciate being guided towards a loving relationship.

Relation -evaluation
While being coached towards a loving relationship the relation -evaluation starts with exploring the limiting thoughts about love, about men and about woman.
– Men only want a relationship out of loneliness.
– Men have their routine and want us to just adjust to their schedule.
– Men are not thrustworthy. The same is said about woman.
– Woman have to many high expectations. Everything has to be perfect.
– Woman keep us busy dating, but after a few dates they don’t want to continue.
– Woman wait untill we make the first move.
– My life doesn’t allow me to come across the man/ woman of my life.

In the first phase of the coaching process we focus on where these limiting thougths come from. Is it because of bad relationships in the past, of feeling insecure because of a dominating older sister, of a non-emotional relationship with your father of always being taught to do the best you can? There are different causes. While going into more depth there is room to express grief, anger, disappointment and more negative emotions. These emotions could block you from having a loving relationship. Step by step you will let go of deep rooted emotions. You will experience space in your head and heart to create new thinking and -behavioural patterns to act out of love.

Coaching on Love Topics, take a look on: Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching.

A Spanish Handbook for Singles

A Spanish Handbook for Singles


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