Adjusting goals from time to time

Photo: Global warming swimming pool delivers clever message!

Remember me telling you via my twitter profile about my 3-times-a-week-swimming goal?

After my first swim in ages I wanted to go swimming 3 times a week. I set it as a goal, but during the first week after 2 visits to the pool I noticed a big difference between wanting and being capable of achieving my goal. It was as if my body yelled at me saying ‘I am like plumpudding!!’. Indeed, all my muscles were seriously weakened because of giving birth to Amé.

During this week I adjusted my initial goal to 2 times a week. Why 2? Well, three was just too much, because my body told me so and I was also frustrated by the idea of not being able to achieve the goal. One time would be too easy. This leaves me to two times and my experience is that it challenges me to get fitter week after week.

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