Italian tasteful synchronicity

Octopus Carpaccio served with green bean salad

Risotto rice with prosecco wine, prawns and rocket salad, lightly spicy…

Last Sunday morning I saw through our windows that it would be a marvellous day. Certainly a nice winterday to spend at the beach. I phoned my cousin to see if we could drop by at his place. His place is like a hidden oasis in the middle of stranded boxes filled with articles of the shop he’s running. Moreover it’s close to the beach.

All right, it was a done deal! Even though he had a friend over they we’re open to receive us. We did some grocery shopping for lunch and had nice conversations with them; conversations with an Italian/ Spanish touch. The Italian friend was living a life aimed at travelling during the winter months and working her ass off during summer on Ibiza.

We spend all day walking along the beach and having a coffee at a Dutch pancake café/restaurant. Around Dutch dinner time we were again with the three of us and were thinking of a place to go and have dinner. What did we feel like eating? Well, an option was to have dinner at a small and cosy Thai near the beach, but after we took a peak through the windows we chose to go to the centre of the Hague.

While walking to the stop of the tram we talked about different cuisines and my boyfriend felt like a good Italian restaurant. My iphone search for good Italian restaurants was about to result in a few options, but we had to enter the tram. In the tram my boyfriend started talking to a Chinese girl. Apparently they went to primary school together in the north of Holland. Wow!! It was a small primary school so they knew each other by face and name, but never actually spoke one another. The evening ended in La Passione: it was a recommendation of the Chinese girl and she was also our company. They were reminiscing about their youth and I enjoyed their company and the FOOD. That’s what I call ‘Italian tasteful synchronicity’.

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