Crazy Catwalk Hair experience

Tweet of Friday 4th of February: Doing something crazy now and then is exciting, breaks the routine & puts a smile on my face & of others. My thing to break the routine was saying ‘yes’ to a friend who was looking for a Chinese model. A person who would be crazy enough to have her hair done in the most unexpected ways!! C’est moi!! Even though I haven’t done any modelling she thought I was capable of doing the job. Starting with this first phonecall I got into a rollercoaster which lasted 3 days. Below some of the hairlooks in preparation…

Sunday the 6th of February

Tweet: Awake at this hour on a Sunday! It better be good; int. hairshow schwarzkopf i’m participating in. What??!! Yes, that was the secret mission. Before I started this long, exhausting but at the same time exciting day, I was already tired. Friday the 4th I was at the Schwarzkopf Academy in Werkendam to have my hair done. I never had so many different hands going through my hair. I also had to fit clothing to see which outfit I would get put on during the show. In the stylist room I was confronted with of course a lot of designer clothing, but also with rows of shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes. My happy and relaxed face was instantly clouded with doubts and fears. Walking on high heels? What the F***!! I never walk on heels. Where did I get myself into??

Tweet: A colour specialist: i’m not stressed, not stressed at all. You’ll know when i’m stressed. It’s only hair. It’s not rocket science. Stressed! Allright, on the day of the show it became even more clear. I got myself into a whole lot of stress energies. Oké, I was indeed nervous, but not stressed. I only could do the best I could, right?! Since I hadn’t done this before I had to fake it. Haha..and I definitely had to make it. Only one chance to walk on high heels without falling, feeling totally oke with the funny overdone dress and looking into professional camera’s. Ayayayayaay!

Tweet: Now empty. At 8 filled with 1400 heads!!!! Unbelievable that i will walk on this catwalk!! On Saturday the 5th we had a repetition of 3 hours. After this I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. Arrived at home I had the neverending support of my boyfriend. He searched for YouTube films on ‘how to walk on high heels’ and said: “Chung, oké we’re gonna practice for a bit. I will be your ‘high heels’ coach!!! Too funny!!!

Tweet: This was me last Friday!! It’s not a wig!!! Bleached iekksss Luckily, this wasn’t the final color.

Tweet: Fase 2 of the haircut!! Still can’t believe this whole crazy catwalk trip… This looks more like it.

Monday the 7th of February; the day after…

Tweet: Exhausted of new impressions and especially all sorts of pains causing high heels. Why going through all this pain to be beautiful & sexy? Looking back on this crazy catwalk hair experience I must say that I’m happy to have had the opportunity to get to know this world; getting to know professional hairdressers, colour specialists, models, choreographers, dancers and the show crew. It was worth it. The kick of having done something I would never ever do again (walking on a catwalk) is sensational.

Step into the world of HAIR, click here for more photos…


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