Are you ready for change?


Conversations with friends often bring clarity to my work as a coach. Yesterday we had a friend over and he was genuinely interested in my work. Because of his questions I could share my philosophy and make him understand what type of people come and talk to me.

Many people have asked me this question: ‘What type of people hire you as a coach?’ Many times I would answer: “Well, people from different cultures and they might be an artist/photographer, graphic designer, managers from companies, self-employed and so on. They come from everywhere and do just about everything. There is no specific group of people defined as for example ‘Over thirthy and still single’ or ‘Over fourthy and still without passion’.

But there is something what defines them all. It’s a level of CONSIOUSNESS achieved by years of experience in life with or without help of someone skilled in the field of the human psyche. It’s when people reach that moment of awareness when they scream out ‘Now I want it differently! Now I want to get ahead with my life! Now I want change, real change!’ Or a bit less passionate, but with the same goal in mind ‘I am at a crossroad and I am curious after what lifecoaching could bring me’.

Of course I’m there to motivate you and guide you to the best of my abilities, but it’s your inner-driven motivation for real change what will do the trick. Share what you want out of life. Share what you normally, automatically would hide from others. Share your deepest fears and sorrows. All of this will bring the best out of YOU!


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