Flames of my heart

The dog whisking its tail, for it is sincerely happy to see me
The pouring of rays of a beautiful sunset, showering on my heart
The loving hug of a little girl smiling at me, whom I had just met
The talk with a Muslim over the aspects of life, with a brotherly heart

A kiss from my loved one, after a long time of separation
Time after time, the kiss to be as it was our first
Held back desires connecting by the touch of our lips
Enflaming the body and soul, right into the heart

Warming the hearts around by my presence and touch
The enlightened eyes of a child, when I just gave them a gift
My dear father to give me a heartful compliment on my work
The filling joy through the hands of my manifestation

A session with a successful transmission to the benefit of both
The affection of my crew, happy to be under my lead with all faith
To set out new adventures and courses for the people to sail to
The completion of a task what was said impossible to be done

I long and dream for all nations to come and stand side by side
The caring of my neighbor and the feel of support of my loved ones
The fighting for the rights of life with every breath I can take
The surrender to the world, to my loved one, coming to one whole

Tell me, what enflames your heart?
Write your own story, read the blog Win & Write: What makes you tick? 


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