What makes me tick: everything small and packed…

That’s a hard one. There are quite a few things that make me tick. Seeing a good movie with great cinematography and acting is always enjoyable and extremely satisfying. The ideas behind a movie, the confident and stellar acting performances by many great actors and actresses and not forget the techniques still being developed faster than ever all fascinate me. I also seem to like my daily portion of TV shows.

Furthermore, I love gadgets: I always keep my smartphone or some sort of other communication gadget with me so I can always check my mail, see what’s going on online, and so that other people can keep in touch with me.

As a med student, most things medical keep me interested as well. Performing physical examinations, having a good consult with the patient, learning something new and interesting or spectate a surgery right from behind the surgeon himself is thrilling. I cannot wait to see what my internships will bring me next year. Very exciting.

Blogging helps, next to the fact that I like people to enjoy the content I post, me keep up my writing skills as I still need to put quite some effort in it without sounding too repetitive or dull. People do say I have good writing skills, so I guess I’m doing something right at least. And last but not least: I absolutely love goodies. Small perfume samples, lotion samples, posters, toy figures (from games), … Everything small and packed that belongs in a goodie bag make me extremely curious to see as what it is and to keep it. I do not know why, but I like it.

So, what makes you tick?

Write your own story, read the blog Win & Write: What makes you tick? 


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