How it feels to shine…

“Chungmei is a great coach, no doubt about it! I don’t know how she did it, nor did I see it coming but… she really turns things around, without completely turning your life over. That’s a hudge quality! This way she manages to help you change something basic in your system, but keeping the structure of your life the way it is. Helping you to get closer to your own core, instead of needing to be someone new or else… (never a good idea ;-)) For the rest she’s really nice, funny, honest, smart & sexy. (AND a mum!!!)”

Michael Driebeek van der Ven wrote the above recommendation on my Linkedin profile. 

You can only read people’s recommendations for my work when you’re in my network. Well, that’s why I thought to copy & paste it in a blog so I could share it with you. Well, Michael had me smiling BIG time while I was reading his recommendation. It felt super good to shine. It was really fun coaching him.

Today I spoke to someone who got into a depression a couple of years ago because of her love relationship. She started having talks with a psychologist, went all the way to Surinam for traditional cleansing rituals and came back to Holland much stronger. One more session with her psychologist gave her the feedback that no more sessions were needed. She had energy, felt motivated and knew exactly what she wanted. Divorced from her ex and sold her house. The self-discovery continues…Recently she went on a spontaneous trip to Thailand for meditation. She’s single and ready to take action in many areas of her life. Will it be lifecoaching with me? Who knows. We exchanged phonenumbers.

There is one thing we both knew for sure; there was a reason for meeting each other.

Also read the blog: Synchronicity runs through my practice. 

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