Synchronicity: Our paths crossed

Remember this story ‘An explosion of thoughts: acting out of Fear or Love?’ Well yesterday we were invited by a good friend to eat sushi at Shabu Shabu. After our lovely lunch we decided to take a stroll around the Hague; Prinsestraat, Noordeinde, Lange Voorhout, Denneweg, Kazernestraat, Kneuterdijk and finally we took a seat at the Lange Vijverberg.

Starting out walk in de Prinsestraat we walked up to this couple with buggy and what do you reckon? Yes, it was the couple I wrote about in the previous blog!! Our paths crossed. So soon. My wish came true. It was my chance to say ‘hi, how are you and bye’. I started tapping Arnold on his shoulder and said enthusiastically ‘There they are, there they are!!’ Before I could think ‘thoughts-fueled-by-fear’ I said ‘hello you guys’. As visualized a couple of days ago we had a little chitchat and we walked away from each other to pursuit our own ways.

With this encounter our amazing half rainy half sunny afternoon started. It was like going to a party where you see people you haven’t seen in ages. You stop, chitchat, laugh and move on.


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