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On Thursday the 18th of August I tweeted the following: ‘Follow @lovecookies @lovecookies @lovecookies @lovecookies @lovecookies @lovecookies @lovecookies @lovecookies plz RT ;-)) Thx’ Well, actually non of my followers retweeted this. Luckily I received one reaction from misses @KatyoNL. According to her it seemed a bit like shameless self-promotion. Later on she reframed it and said ‘it’s not really my thing, but it’s actually an open and clear way of communicating’. Even though it felt a bit strange to put myself out there like this, it felt refreshing at the same time.

Like most of the people I follow on Twitter they have something to offer, they want to do business. Of course you can do business while networking your way through it; sharing information, ideas and connect and have fun on different levels. This because business is mostly done between two parties who actually like each other on a personal level or at least have the same business values. Of course I like chitchatting, but what’s so wrong about telling people what you are good at? I believe more people should start doing this in their own ways, because you and I don’t wanna be labeled in the end as the one who is only good at chitchatting. We want to do business and put our talents out there, so tell everyone what your talent is!

My Chinese roots learned me to drink alcohol in a business setting. I did this once a while back in Quanzhou. I can’t remember how many of these small white 60% alcohol cups I drank, because everyone wanted me to toast with them. I tried to maintain myself and my way of walking from the restaurant to the entrance of the hotel. From the moment I crossed the entrance I believed my way of walking changed into one waggling Dutch/Chinese girl who can’t take this amount and percentage of alchol. At least I hope I did maintain myself to this point.

What I learned from this is that doing business and alcohol doesn’t go for me. I try to do coaching in a sober way ;)) Just kidding, I know that Chinese belief is that alcohol increases the feelings of trust and friendship between parties. The story even goes that they use alcohol to get to know the real you behind the outer appearance. If a bad attitude appears at the surface due to all this drinking they don’t want to do business with you! Many times Chinese do business without alcohol and they offer you their services and products straight away without shame. This seams to be logical because in their country it’s the survival of the fittest. Since a diverse range of cultures inhabit the Netherlands we are exposed to many ways of doing business. Which offers us quit some learning in this field.

Before writing this piece I was wandering around the page of Miranda July: an American visual artist. She is amazingly creative and thought of an exercise in which she made it easier for the person to give a compliment to themselves. This is worth watching, click here…

So let me find a balance in doing business while incorporating different ways of offering my service; screaming it from the top of Kuala Lumpurs Petronas Towers, sharing my thoughts on love, personal development and lifecoaching (blogging), tipping business relations, promoting initiatives I support and telling you to hire me as your coach 😉

Let’s say my way is ‘straightforward with a playful twist’. Let’s do business!! 🙂

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