Last Wednesday a friend told me about all the times she saw 11.11 or 01.11 on her clock. It suprised her and triggered her to google the meaning of seeing these numbers. Her search ended in a story about being guided by angels or being one of the transformers herself; a lightworker send to earth to help other people moving to a higher level of consciousness. She felt moved and supported by these positive spiritual affirmations. Her story reminded me of seeing the same numbers during the past week.

Over the past five years I have been confronted on and off by seeing these numbers on my phone and computer. At some point I also started googling to find out more. That’s why I wasn’t as surprised as my friend. But the curious thing was her timing of telling us (my partner Arnold was in the same room) and reminding me of seeing these numbers and that we were close to this date 11-11-11. After she shared her thoughts Arnold went upstairs and saw 11.11 on the clock.

I felt a strong sense of oneness and gratefulness to be surrounded by people connected with the same idealism. Moreover to take part and fulfilling an essential role in a world moving to a higher level of conciousness.

So does this day mean something to you? What are your thoughts on the direction the world is steering towards?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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