Get to know your emotions

Some people come and talk to me for only one session. During this one session they start crying because I bring them to a place they have been avoiding or hiding for such a long time. And you should know that I haven’t used any difficult techniques to get them crying.

The basic technique I put in practice was only listening and asking open questions. Allright, I admit, sometimes I get slightly provocative. But I only exercised this provocative coaching style for 1/5 a minute! Sentences count: like approximately 5. It’s incredible to experience what a huge effect the provocative coaching style brings into the lives of people desperately avoiding to feel any kind of emotion.

Emotions which has passed by in the coachingpractice:
Tears of deep grief, mourning tears, anger, rage, disappointment, sadness, pain release, detoxing, laughing and finally letting go of the negative emotions to make room for the positive ones.


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