Synchronicity: the real deal

A short while ago I thought of a particular person. A person I hadn’t seen or spoken for a long time. I was surprised by my own thought ‘how are they doing?’, referring to him and his wife. Only a week after this thought I came across this guy in the Hague city centre. It was good to see him again. While he was talking I looked at him and thought ‘he is single’, but how and why? First of all I had to tell him that I thought of him. Parallel to this he came across my business card while organizing his house and apparently thought of me!!

He mentioned our one and only insightful conversation at a lunchroom in the Hague and told me with a huge ‘happy as a kid can be’ smile ‘I have navigated an aerplane’!!! Ooohh, my gosh, I thought, three years ago he told me he was afraid to fly!!?? Something happened, something major happened.

Next subject, marriage. How are you and your wife doing? ‘Well, we got divorced (taking a second to think) like 8 months ago. Suddenly it cliqued. This was the reason why we thought of one another and why we bumped into each other. Interesting, I wonder what happened?

Since I started coaching people on love topics in 2008 different love stories found their way to my practice. It’s synchronicity, it’s magical.

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