Yoga: a silent and inspiring place

As you may have already noticed: I started yoga last week. Although it’s only my second week of regular yoga practice I’m definitely reaping the benefits of it.

What I like about the classes I take at yogastudio Linggan is the studio I enter. From the moment I cross the threshold I’m surrounded by a happy and relaxing atmosphere. Linggan chose for a colour combination of fuchsia pink, black and white. This colour combination can be found on cushions, candles and flowers. They are located in city centre the Hague. Perhaps the atmosphere is better felt because of leaving the city center and entering an oasis of quietness.

Of course, experiencing the location as such, comes down to if one is able to open up for yoga as it is being teached. Some people still hear an occasional car or scooter driving by. Or people who clash their bags with ornaments against the window and feel disturbed by the noise. I hear the noise but I don’t feel disturbed. I’m very much concentrated on changing from one pose into another and keep breathing while doing this. By the way, breathing is what we do during the entire class.

I’ve noticed that the instructors from whom I’ve had class were very keen on breathing instructions. Because of this I’ve had some awesome classes. After class I felt cleansed from the inside out. (morning ashtanga vinyasa & evening hatha) There were also classes where I missed the breathing instructions as a continuous flow through the yoga poses. I believe it depends on the group of practitioners and the type of class. (afternoon gentle hatha & morning sivananda)

It’s a real challenge to keep doing the ujjayi breathing. This is a type of breathing while making a soft internal sonorous sound. This sound resonates from the throat to the heart on an inhalation, and from the heart to the throat on an exhalation. The ujjayi breathing warms up the body quickly and keeps the body warm.

When one gets familiar with the yoga poses and reaches a level of concentration and focus which are required to perform them than one starts experiencing the surroundings as it is meant to be. Than we enter a state of observation in stead of irritation. In this state of pure bliss we are connected with a higher consciousness. As I said before, this is only my second week, but I’m in!! In my silent and inspiring place, myself.

So are you practicing yoga? What does it bring you? If not, are you about to start yoga?


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