Reconnection: being connected with the universe


Last week a friend, Robbert-Jan, came by to give me a healing session. Yesterday he was with us again and this time it was Arnold’s turn. I could have had another one, but I wasn’t ready for it. Last week had been a hectic one, even though the healing session reminded that taking rest was priority. He came by with a foldable massage table and an iphone with relaxing sounds. He suggested that I could stay and witness the session. Adding to this that it was only possible, because he knows that Arnold and I are in sync and that I want him to be better. After the session Arnold told us that he felt that Robbert-Jan was actively working on the energy field. The sensation of a strong connection was absolutely there. During the session I spaced out on the relaxing tunes. I wasn’t always paying attention to them. But at one point I looked at them and my vision was captured by the most curious swirling white greyish tiny elements above Arnold’s head and chest. I tested my vision several times; blinking, shaking my head, but I kept seeing it. It disappeared when the session came to an end. Wow!


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