My first Bikram yoga class

bikram yoga

What is Bikram yoga?

Last Monday I did my first Bikram yoga class. I’ve been telling people for a few years now that I wanted to try this type of yoga and now I finally did it.

When I walked into the classroom I was slightly shocked; everyone was barely dressed! Somehow I did not think about this before entering while it made perfectly sense that they weren’t covered with lots of clothing. Anyhow, I made a beginnersfault by wearing a cotton singlet over my top; during class it got soaked in sweat.

As for the postures; they were super intense. I did the best I could for an hour, but the last half an hour I was laying on my mat or sitting in several positions. There were some moments I picked up the posture they were doing, but most of the time I was wondering when the hell the class would stop. I had enough of the heat. I even thought sticking with this one class would be enough for me.

And then the amazing thought appeared when I was walking with my bike on the streets ‘I would like to do this again’. Somehow I felt energized. Well, that’s not strange at all, even though it was tough, I had a good workout. So yes, I would like to try it again. If it wasn’t for the cold I caught right after class I would have done it today. I believe this was another beginnersfault; leaving the building too quick after having taken a shower. I should have stayed inside for a bit so my body could have cooled down more. Next time! Now let’s see how long I will suffer from this cold.


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