Online Interviews with beautiful and inspiring people

I’ve been doing these Online Interviews via videoskype after 3 weeks into the corona-crisis. This photo is with Hubertine Langemeijer, @kunstpost, a dear friend of mine and director of “Stichting Kunstpost”. She rents out work spaces for an affordable price to artists and is always busy with organizing social projects.

During the first weeks I didn’t have the emotional nor mental space to work on the creative projects I had already started. I switched to survival mode. More time and energy went out to contacting clients about how to continue and I felt anxious because my life partner’s income vanished into the open air.

Peace and quiteness returned because most of my work continued and slowly @arnoldbalde received other work opportunities. However most of my clients continued, new requests for coaching & rebirthing have been on a freeze for 7 weeks. That’s why I still wasn’t calmn enough to pick up my creative projects.

Than suddenly the idea came to me to do these Online Interviews. For years I have been telling my clients to share their story and talents with more people. Starting with the people around them to let it evolve into something more. The idea with these Online Interviews is that they can do this through me!

I speak to former and current clients, work relationships in the field of coaching and psychology and artists about working from the heart, art and creative processes and personal development.

This project feels like an ungoing one. It’s definitely part of my mission to put forward all these beautiful people with their innate talents and ideas about life. My motivation is to inspire people to take action.

A story that touches your soul, heart and mind is able to ignite just that what you need to move forward in your life.

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be
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The Movies & Series I’ve watched the past weeks

Sometimes it feels good to not be in my own story. Here is my list of films & series I’ve watched to relax, to be uplifted and laugh out loud. 

  • Stronger (2017)

This movie showed resilience and the power of love.

  • An invisible sign (2010)

I’m drawn to movies full of love and how people can overcome their trauma’s and start leading the life with the work and people which fits them best.

  • Love Wedding Repeat (2020)

This movie was hilarious. That feeling of not being able to stop laughing is fantastic. I hadn’t felt that in a long time and it was during the scene in which the best man went over to the Italian director to talk to him while he wasn’t aware of falling asleep during the conversation.

  • Dog Days (2018)

This movie has a strong emphasis on helping and supporting each other. In the end we all want to feel connected. Even though we are living alone, there are endless possibilities to open up for connection based on unconditional love and a passion for something that touches your heart and soul. When you start reaching out from that place you will create the people and surroundings in which you will flourish on a daily basis.

  • Uncorked (2020)

Go for what you want. For what stirs your soul. For what keeps you moving. Nothing of all the efforts you’ve put in, in one stage in your life, is lost. When something keeps coming back and you feel that fire within growing stronger, than that’s it. Back to where I started typing: Go for What you Want.

  • Captain Fantastic (2016)

It was very touching to see how Captain Fantastic came around and found a way to raise his children in which he could stay close to his own beliefs and give his children the opportunity to explore mainstream society.

  • Overboard (2018)

We watched this movie with the four of us and laughed out loud.

  • The Half of It (2020)

Aaah, this was such a lovely and tender story about following your heart as an adolescent and spreading your wings, even though initially you were stuck in the family dynamics and trauma kept you from wanting to do your own thing.

  • Valeria (2020)

This movie was about Spanish female millennials with their ups and downs in life. I binged watched this one. Normally I don’t have the time to bingewatch any series, but I was feeling horrible so I got the time to be alone.

  • Becoming (2020)

This is a must watch. Michelle Obama is a strong and inspiring woman. Especially the scene in which she shares how many of their days during the White House period was filled with extreme lows and intense highs made an impact on me.

  • Never have I ever (2020)

This year I will turn 42. (oh my gosh, I don’t feel near my age, how are you supposed to feel at a certain age? Hmmm…) Anyway, sometimes a part of me is drawn to watch teenage movies and series. This one was interesting and funny because of how the Indian culture in Amerika was shown and I love the Indian accent.

  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)

Beautiful! Touching! Inspiring!

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be
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Connect to your Soul’s Purpose

In this video I’m sharing my mission as a coach & rebirther for highly sensitive people. I have already been working for 16 years and throughout the years my mission got clearer and sharper. Let highly sensitive people embrace themselves fully, including their innate talents and qualities, in order to share these with the world around them (and beyond) to soften and lift up hearts.

Up until Tuesday 14th of July I’ve planned video’s in English on my YouTube channel. They will air at 8.30pm Dutch Time. Click here to subscribe to my channel

The past 4 weeks I’ve been working on Dutch video content. I have been interviewing former clients, acquaintances and work relationships on topics such as working from the heart, art and creative processes and personal development. For many years now I’ve been stimulating the people I work with to share their story, their talents. And 4 weeks ago I had a light-bulb moment: these people can share their stories through me in a one-on-one conversation/ interview via video calling.

So I have been meeting them on videoskype. I press record and then we start talking. There is no editing involved. I don’t have time for that to be honest. This means you receive it raw in the flesh, as good as it gets, exactly how we have reacted in the NOW. 

Concerning the intelligent lockdown in The Netherlands and my work. My work continued as usual except for a few changes here and there and much more contact with clients to talk over in what way we could continue best. Today a breakthrough took place: I’ve managed to agree on a date and time with a client who decided to wait until it was safe enough (based on his worldview) to meet up again. End of May it is. Yeah!

Keep well, keep safe and do every freaking thing possible to stay healthy. Boost your immune system with good food, exercise and lots of laughter. 

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be
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How we stay positive, healthy and strong in these times

First of all: we are not panicking. We are not more afraid than we should be. We are surrounded by people who are afraid of being contaminated by the corona virus. Family, friends and neighbours. Even though Dutch government told us that we can receive up to three people in our house, people massively have decided not to open up their doors for visitors.

We have friends who don’t want to meet up because they want to act in complete solidarity with the people who are suffering directly or indirectly because of the corona virus. Furthermore they don’t want to unconsciously pass on the corona virus which will inevitably increase the pressure onto healthcare organisations. 

No, of course, we don’t want that either. But come on, have more trust in your own bodies. And have more trust in your fellow human being. Don’t get angry or upset and start scolding, because someone has crossed your path within those 1.5 meters. We are outside walking in the “wild”, because we are not sick! Well, that’s what I want to believe. 

Most of the time we are at home or near home, but those social moments on playgrounds, in our street or with (some) friends/school mates and their parents at their houses or somewhere in nature are priceless. As one friend said (today): “Come in, have some tea and let our bacterias meet”. In continuation: one of my clients works at a primary school and after each 6-week Summer holiday classmates see each other again and within days they receive phonecalls of parents whose kids got sick while they hadn’t been sick for the entire Summer holiday. 

Her biggest concern was how to gradually let all teachers, parents and students gather in and around school after the schools are reopened. When you allow everyone to come at once, it will be a mess for sure. 

Anyhow, we continue to stay calm, cheerful and happy. Whenever emotions related to corona times surface we embrace them. Including the emotions triggered by the emotions related to corona times. (trauma) We also continue to guide our children through this. 

​​​​​​​From here, my heart to yours, I’m sending you lots of positive energy, physical calmness and peace of mind. And let’s keep on doing what makes us feel alive :))

  • Polishing my Spanish by listening to Martha Debayle and singing in this beautiful language;
  • Creating video’s to share my work and to enhance this skill to create video courses related to being highly sensitive and all challenges in life;
  • Interview people via videoskype on career change & interviewing artists on their creative processes;
  • Eat fresh foods, salads on almost a daily basis;
  • Laughing out loud with Arnold and our kids;
  • Being outside in nature;
  • Write & continue sharing my work via social media;
  • Still meeting people on a physical level on a small scale who are healthy and full of trust, like we are.

What makes you feel alive? 

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

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Discover and embrace your “wild”

While I was watching this interview I caught myself several times nodding affirmatively and gleaming. Glennon Doyle is sharing her truth and I fully agree on what she says about following your heart’s desire, motherhood and rediscovering the “you”, you have always been.

This interview starts off with a beautiful and touching metaphor about a cheetah who was born in a safari park. The cheetah was tamed to entertain  the visitors, but away from the zoo keeper and the visitors in her own space she turned wild again. Her energy got stronger and it lifted her being, her senses. She had never been in the wild, but the wild is inside her. 

During my first session with a new client I shared this story. Her breathing was hampering while she filled me in on her health, work and recent family encounters. I asked about her cultural background. She was adopted and from the beginning she felt different. Her roots were in Colombia, but she grew up in a Dutch family. While she took in the story about the cheetah she was nodding in a non-emotional, but strong affirmative way. From here onwards she felt more comfortable and took more time to breathe in and out while sharing her emotional journey. 

I will not stay, not ever again, in a room or conversation or relationship or institution that requires me to abandon myself. When my body tells me the truth, I’ll believe it. I trust myself now, so I will no longer suffer voluntarily or silently or for long. ~ Glennon Doyle

With Com-Passion,

Chungmei Cheng

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14 characteristics of Highly Sensitive People

When I give lectures on high sensitivity I have been asked many times if I am a highly sensitive person. Yes, I am! Below you’ll get an impression of how the characteristics of highly sensitive people have played out in different areas of my life.

The characteristics of highly sensitive people:

1. Have great imagination
Well yes, I affirm that I have imagination, but to a certain level. What I mean by this is that I am able to visualise, for example, my business goals or when I’m preparing for lectures or training. I do find I have imagination when I play with my kids and make up stories out of thin air. But a great imagination would be when I look at my youngest and he is able to picture and fantasise a whole story about dinosaurs or rescuing animals as a fire men in our house.

2. Have great intellectual abilities
I do have intellectual abilities, but the way I learn is on a kinaesthetic level which means that I learn by doing in stead of by listening, “heated” intellectual interaction/ discussions and reading about theories. I have a strong need to put in practice bits and pieces of information.

3. Are creative
I am creative when it comes to cooking, furnishing my house, sharing information about high sensitivity on social media, how I guide the coaching and rebirthing sessions, wrapping presents, dancing and playing with the kids.

4. Have a curious mind
I have a curious and open mind. Curiosity finds his way through chitchats with strangers in supermarkets, in other public areas. Wherever I am and where people are.

5. Are hard workers
I am a hard worker, but I believe this is more due to my cultural background (Chinese) than my highly sensitive being.

6. Are good problem solvers
Yes, I like to solve problems. Especially organisational problems between work and parenthood. I see what needs to be done and I communicate with third-parties to reschedule or ask for help in flip-seconds.

7. Are extremely conscious and compassionate
We, as a family, are extremely conscious when it comes to nutrition and how to interact in a loving and compassionate way with people, our environment and animals. We focus on buying fresh whole foods and ingredients which feed nourishes mind, body and soul.  When we walk on the pavement we pick up trash and take it to the nearest bin. And even the tiniest animals we bring back to nature.

8. Are intuitive, caring and spiritual
I’ve gotten more intuitive after having given birth to my firstborn. My senses were definitely heightened by hormones and tuned in to caring for the baby. When she got older I discovered how intuitive children and us human beings are when we are in the now and connected to our bodies in stead of our minds.

9. Have a strong sense of aesthetic awareness
When it comes to interior design I am more aware than when it comes to how people dress themselves. But when it comes to table ware I just mix everything up. It’s not one set of one brand. Actually this goes for nearly everything. I’m not a brand lover, I like used or self-made. My aesthetic awareness also pops up in restaurants when the food is presented.

10. Respect nature, art and music greatly
I do have respect for all that helps us connect with our core being, our souls. My experience with nature, art and music is that it does just that instantly. Alright, not with all art, but the ones that resonate with my soul or spark my curiosity. In music there are voices which go straight to my soul and I can get emotional of how it stirs in my wound and connects with my soul.

11. Have profound and intense sensations
Yes, with foods. Light, smells, music and touch. And last but not least: when I’m connected to my higher self open to pick up information from energetic fields.

12. Can access important information from the unconscious mind
In my experience I access that information in my dreams and nightmares and travelling, following the pains in my body which make the unconscious mind conscious.

13. Have a depth of understanding and feelings
My deep understanding and curiosity for how people act out of trauma and how this imprisons them has led to my work as a coach & rebirther for highly sensitive people. Since I’m raised within a Chinese family I’ve mapped my emotional world with all the books I’ve read on this topic. There was a strong lack in emotional guidance, therefore I unconsciously sought for emotional guidance in friends with more life experience than I had in my twenties.

14. Are objective and can see the bigger picture
In my day-to-day life I’m very much subjective and life draws me into doing all the practical stuff, juggling between work, parenthood, household and social activities. Though it’s kind of tiring, it keeps me sane. At the back of focusing on all these practicalities I do FEEL the bigger picture. I know why I am here on earth.

Whenever I feel down, sad, angry or stressed I relentlessly start sharing my work on high sensitivity, spreading all I’ve learned to provide a sense of belonging to people who feel lost, shattered and tired of life. These are the times when my mental, physical and emotional energy is super low, but somehow, through the cracks, light enters. This light, this energy, motivates me to FEED the connection. To connect people with each other. We are all one. One energy. That’s my bigger picture!

Also read this article on the “16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People”.

Growth is uncomfortable: psychosomatic illness surfaced during healing process

A sign! Received by an client of mine who is going through a deep and intense transformation process. Unprocessed emotions reveal themselves through the physical body. There is rash and itching all over. How I see it, is that the inner fire is awakenend. The inner fire is a mixture of anger, fear and sadness of the hurt inner child and the adult who is now aware of both the pain of the inner child ánd the adult. And this inner fire is burning through her old skin in order for the new skin to appear. A skin in which the client is able to live from out of her own “fire”, her needs and values.

That mixture of feelings would’t have shown itself via the skin if the person was in a loving connection with their emotional body. This was a psycho-somatic reaction of trauma.

We entered this phase of deep-rooted anger, fear and sadness which resulted in rash all over her body after the 22nd coaching and rebirthing session. Up until this session many physical symptoms appeared during and in between the sessions. During the sessions she had experienced trembling from crown to toes, warmth, coldness, headache, stiffness in neck and shoulders, pressure in several body parts, cramps in arms and hands, tension throughout her legs which made her move involuntary. Parallel to these physical reactions she learned to cry. At first she was so amazed by being in contact with sadness that she started laughing. Then it became a mixture of crying and laughing.

In between sessions she went through extreme tiredness, a foggy head, itchiness, headaches and at times more energy and a new kind of clarity and cheerfulness.

The client was in it for the whole game from the first session onwards. I’m referring to the openness and curiosity she had towards rebirthing and after her first session she decided upon doing a trajectory in which the emphasis would lie on processing trauma’s through breath work. During the first three sessions she felt a renewed connection with her physical body. As we continued working together, more limiting thoughts and emotions surfaced.

Let’s say, more or less during five sessions before this rash and itchiness appeared the following insights were part of the emotional development:

  • the unhealthy relationship with her parents, living up to their expectations in so many ways possible;
  • she took upon the role of the parents in relationship to her younger brother, feeling loads of responsibility in providing emotional support, because parents weren’t able to provide this;
  • consciously saying “no” to other people’s roles (in personal & professional context)in order to getting to know her role;
  • fear of change, fear of stepping out of her comfort zone;
  • letting go of being the perfect daughter;
  • realising that for years it was a huge burden that she wanted to bring in the perfect son-in-law for her parents;
  • carefully and consciously showing her emotional self in different relationships.

The red thread through these insights is that she is letting go of emotional bagage of her parents which directed her to emotionally stand on her own feet. Of discovering her true self. It opened the path to re-evaluate her norms and values in life. With realising on a mental level in what ways she took upon the emotional bagage of her parents her emotional body awakened loads of unacknowledged emotions. These are all emotions of the inner child who was not capable of acknowledging them, because of lack in support and emotional guidance of the parents.

These unacknowledged emotions showed themselves through the physical body. Ready to be embraced and processed.

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With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

HSP Coach & Rebirther

Balancing between work and parenthood

January has come to and end. What a ride it was. About work…I’ve decided to work less hours in terms of guiding sessions. The space that will open up because of this decision goes into creating video’s and (e)books about my work. Working less is also strongly related to my youngest starting primary school. 

Recently I gave a lecture on high sensitivity and spiritual love relationships. A few months ago I decided to put this topic on my agenda. It was an impulse, a strong need to put Love on the map. As I was preparing myself for the lecture in bits and pieces I noticed my lack in mental energy to put it all on digital or physical paper.

So I decided to trust in how the story would present itself when I would be sitting in front of the listeners. Pfff…it went well and after my story the listeners shared in with their story. For now my Orchid of Life Agenda is empty. One of the reasons is an important life changing event in our personal lives as I mentioned at the start of this blog. 

My youngest is discovering his new self through school and especially the group processes involved. Recently he turned 4 years old and he started getting accustomed to school life. He just had his third week in a row. After his 5th morning at school he took out his little bear, wrapped a scarf around the bear and carried him around like a baby. He turned our house into his imaginary world in which he walked around with his bear. Hereby telling us the following: “He is 4 years old and he needs to be taken care of.”

That truly says it all!! Right?! Because this week the schools in the Netherlands were  striking, he only went to school one morning. This was his luck because he needed time to recover and integrate everything he learned. As of next week we will continue listening to his needs in this impactful phase in his life.

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

HSP Coach & Rebirther


2020: Book your session on Tuesday evenings

As of this week I’m taking on clients who want telephone sessions in the evening. This week I’m starting with a client who lives in Luxembourg. The next year is around the corner and I’m looking forward to embrace 2020. This will be the year in which I will open up my practice on Tuesday evening.

I’m looking forward to receive you on a new location in The Hague or via telephone/ video calling:

Tuesday 14th of January
Tuesday 28th of January
Tuesday 18th of February
Tuesday 10,17, 24 en 31 of March

On these Tuesdays I work from 8.30 am till 2.30 pm and from 6pm till 9.30pm at the Appelstraat 22 in The Hague at “de Praktijk voor Houding en Beweging van het unieke individu”;

Read the following blogs to get an impression of the work I do:

Are you longing for positive changes? Book your introduction session and let’s work together towards how you would like to feel, day in and day out! Also through video-calling.

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng
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Amazing synchronic situations keep crossing my path

During a session I came to preach to a client. It was to stimulate the fire within her, to feel that she is allowed to and should set bounderies. The session after she said: “You said ‘goddammit’ and a few days later I went to some event with a friend and pulled a card. The card said ‘goddammit’. I couldn’t remember having said that!

And in another session I told the client that she should definitely share her life story through writing. Apparently her grandmother is a medium and through spiritism she had received the message from up above that she should write!

I share a lot of my hsp coaching and rebirthing work, but sometimes with some topics I’m hesitant. For instance with two books written by Alice Miller. Weeks passed by before I shared it on all social media. When I shared it on my Dutch facebook page on high sensitivity and intuition someone who follows my work digitally, but whom I’ve also seen once in a workshop I led reacted with a range of synchronic events including my post about these books. To her it was a signal to start reading! Fantastic. To me it was a wink of the universe that I always need to follow my hunces. When I want to share essential information, I should go for it, without hesitation.

I could go on and on…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you 🧡🔥

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng
HSP Coach & Rebirther

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.
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