What worries me in these closed off times

Yes, I know my tendency is to spread positive news in my newsletters. That’s my focus, that is what keeps me alive. As well as the hugs I still give and receive from my family and friends. I believe the focus of this world-wide pandemic should be more on how to live a healthy live in stead of spreading fear. What hurts me is when I see my son’s teacher greeting him by giving him an elbow-greet. What’s the use of that? What is the higher purpose in that? And more importantly: what do we teach our children? 

My daughter had some good news for me this morning: “Mom, there is a corona development at school, we are allowed to hang up our jackets on the coat rack! For months we brought our jackets into the classroom and we had to put them on our chairs, because of germs jumping from jackets.”

My thoughts also go out to the people who are suffering other diseases then corona, the people who are out of work and face severe financial problems and the ones who are living alone and were about to start their social life right before this pandemic started. 

And I smile back when I see a neighbour passing his doorstep to enter the pavement with a garbage bag. He is not wearing a mask, I can see his smile. There are people walking right towards me on the pavement and they are not stepping away. With a nod I say “thank you”, I got you man/ woman. Now more than ever I check the energy of the people outside to be notified about when to step away and make room and when it is possible to just walk straight ahead.

My inner smile also awakens when I see elderly walking in supermarkets without a mask. Sadly enough, wearing masks, will be obligatory as of the 1st of December in the Netherlands. And what about a 90 year old who asked her familie members to not wear masks when they’re visiting. We want to LIVE and not die while we are living.

So yeah, that’s my focus: light, love and laughter. It’s crucial for me, because when I expose myself to what happens around me my energy starts leaking. I get angry. Last Saturday I went into the city center in The Hague to pick up an order. I was shocked by seeing people diligently walking on pavements in a certain direction. They were watched and controlled. Do we want to live in this type of society?

Let’s get back to my focus: light, love and laughter. This focus brings me to keep acting out of inspiration. To keep connecting with the people who are open for real authentic connection. Let’s do what is possible and let’s stay healthy by doing what’s right.

In the this talk which I gave on the facebookpage hooggevoeligheid en intuïtie (high sensitivity and intuition in Dutch) I’m speaking in Spanish for the second time live about how I started this page. I sat down to tape this talk to increase my energy level, to live out of inspiration. 

If you would like to comment on the video, please do. Thanks a lot & keep well. 

With Com-Passion,

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be

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Do you want to (re)discover your spark in life?

Do you have a mission? A true and meaningful purpose in life? Today I spoke to someone who was talking freely about a subject he knew all about.

Suddenly he stopped himself and said: “I think it’s better if I don’t put forward my anger on this particular topic. There is no point in being angry about this. I was like: well, that was actually the moment it got interesting for me. I was more engaged and looked forward to hearing more.

And, there are many healthy and meaningful points you can take from anger.

Anger tells you when someone has crossed a line.
Anger tells you the direction to take with regards to work and relationships. Anger protects you from people who are unconsciously or knowingly are projecting their negative energy onto you.
Anger provides you with the information and experience towards a possible mission in life.
So often I’ve seen and heard that missions are born from extremely hurtful experiences. When you share people have someone or something to relate to.

After my storm of words he reacted with a smile and said: “Allright, you have a point. Let’s do this!” Fantastic 🔥🔥🔥

Do you feel lost? Restless?
Are you tired of overthinking?
Are you frustrated or irritated on a daily basis?

Do you want to (re)discover your spark in life?

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Dominated by a parent’s critical voice


Some people walk around through life dictated by a dominant voice. This could be a voice from their mother or father or even worse from both of them. The voice surfaces at critical moments in life. For example when you have just finished organizing your wardrobe. You feel slightly proud of yourself and happy to have done the work. You walk out the bedroom and suddenly a  voice appears which tells you to organize it even better. It wasn’t done properly, you should give it more time and start organizing your clothes again. That feeling of being proud and happy was vanished as soon as this voice appeared.

Many people I coach are being tortured by a voice which they have come to see as a part of their own identity. Recently a man in his fourties came into my practice. His life was negatively influenced by a sexual abuse incident when he was ten years old. He never once mentioned this experience to his parents nor bigger sister. He was indeed traumatized, but felt the need to keep it to himself. From then on he dealt with many fears towards men and woman. He wasn’t even sure about his sexuality. During our fourth session I guided him through an exercise in which he could feel and acknowledge the anger towards his abuser. I let him stamp his feet and move his whole body as how children show emotions with full strength and conviction.

During the next session he mentioned he still felt anger. Based on our talk it wasn’t the anger towards his abuser, but feeling frustrated, because he was held back by a voice who told him he couldn’t blame his abuser for everything he had experienced in life. Hmmm…that voice, it didn’t sound like his voice. Whose voice is this? I asked. The immediate answer came: ‘My mom’s voice. It’s the same voice who held me back during the releasing-the-anger exercise of last time. The voice who said ‘be careful now, don’t stamp to hard, otherwise you will ruin the floor of the coachingpractice’.

Even though his answer came immediate, quite intuitively, his power of reason was a bit slower. He was in tears, because up until this point he believed the voice was a part of him, of his character. The voice who would make sure he would do things the right and socially accepted way. He was confused; so he was angry at his mom and also disappointed and sad, because as a child he felt his parents and especially his mom couldn’t deal with his sexual abuse experience. That’s why he tried for decades to manage the inflicted pain and related fears and sadness by himself.

During this session he expressed his anger as a child towards his mom. While expressing the anger, again with stamping feet and wildly moving arms with his head bowed, the related sadness surfaced. Then he cried and screamed as a child who was in severe pain. Afterwards he sat down and tears rolled down his cheek. This time the tears came from a well of gratitude and love. The course of his life was already changing into the desired direction, but with processing these heavy-weighing emotions linked to saying goodbye to a voice no longer needed, his life even got a better perspective.

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Stop participating in the problem


Have you been a victim of people who are projecting their negative energy onto your life? Stop being the victim and step out of the problem others have created. It is both awful and true, but some people just don’t know how to handle their deep rooted fears, anger and sadness. The only reason for them to project these emotions onto others is because they don’t feel and see a way out. When it comes down to family relationships which are the hardest and most challenging of all relationships we often come to question ourselves: are we the ones to help them? Underneath all that blame and pointing fingers is love. For sure.

The only problem is that blaming sucks up all the positive energy you have. It tires one out to the bone. No energy left no more to speak. How is it possible to speak to someone who continues to blame, play the victim and ignore your needs? I’ve spoken to some courageous people who stood up with their loving energy: “I will HELP my sister”, “I will keep on supporting my little brother financially”, “I will only express loving words and actions towards my mom” or “I will stick by their side, because I see the good in them”. Some of these people were strong enough to play it this way. Others succumbed to the negativity which was played out on them.

The key in resolving conflicts is first of all knowing which part you play in the conflict. Do you even play a part? As how I described it in the above situations, sometimes we play the part of wanting to help the ones who are driven by fear, anger and sadness, but ask yourself up until when you are able to do this without losing your beloved self in the matter. Secondly, after having defined your role and how and if you would like to participate in the situation, know that you have the possibility to “stop participating in the problem”. Have the courage to step away from the situation. Love yourself.

Positive reformulation creates a change mentally


To what extent can we determine our life? It is this question my coach tried to explore in the last session. Sometimes you really need one person outside who points out the thinking patterns with which you are nothing but block yourself, your creativity, and finally your life. It successfully restricts you from achieving happiness…!

In my case, it was the incredible negativity of thinking and talking I had inherited from my mother. She complained about everything around, trees cut in the park, the cheap uncreative birthday presents of friends, or on a returning base about the choice of my boyfriends and friends what bad intentions they might have. Now, my coach is busy making me understand that perception of negative news change if just put in different words. Positive reformulation creates a change mentally, to discover a solution to a situation, or even to discover a possibility to become active – to CHANGE the situation! Well, this is what my parents never told me. They were so much involved into complaining that there was no time to search actively for a solution to a problem.

Chungmei chose to do the circle exercise (social panorama) with me. My anger and me again in the center. And how to transform this anger into a productive, not a destructive force, making me change the conditions of my life. I am always a bit afraid of this exercise because it demands that I get back to the past, think about the relations important actors on my stage of life had to each other.

She asked me to position my father in the circle, then my teacher, then my classmates. Where are they looking? I told her that the latter were looking at me from the front, the teacher just looking at them, having no eyes for me. He doesn’t SEE me!!! My father is somewhere standing to my back, not being interested in me, his eyes turned towards the outside of the circle, bored, instead towards me. This is the situation being… And it sucked. Anger rose in me.

She asked me now to think about how I can change this. Oh no… thinking about changing a situation!! This idea caused an unpleasant feeling inside me. But what other choice did I have? So I went for it. And just started to visualize a bit that my father would be at my side, protecting me from all the bothering of my fellow classmates. The teacher closer to me, recognizing me and my hurt feelings and scolding the pupils that they shouldn’t annoy me that much. And finally, the pupils stopping to josh me due to the strong positions of my class teacher and my father. Developing respect towards me….

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Coachee: Ok. Let’s face it. Let’s face the anger.

stress anger

Anger mood (2)

I knew that this session might turn out to be pure stress. My coach wanted to locate together with me my anger – a search why this emotion is so strong within my person. Like crying, feeling anger can make you feel totally exhausted… Actually, this is not bad! Because if you find yourself in a restless position, with anger, the body allows you to tire you out completely. Which means your soul and worries can finally find rest in total exhaustion…

Ok, let’s face it. Let’s face the anger – again! Chungmei is with me, I don’t have to undergo it alone! I feel confident as this can never be worse than what I already went through in the past. Closing my eyes, I thought about a social circle around me, and where to see my parents in it… they were standing to my right side, a bit away from me to my back… and there was someone else standing behind me, in a growing distance… my former long-term boyfriend.

And there was the anger. I felt it in my belly, accumulated anger since childhood. I was furious on all three of them. But the anger didn’t feel so strong this time as my mood was quite good today…this helped me to focus on my task to come. My coach asked me where to re-position those three persons. I wanted to ban my former boyfriend from the circle naturally, as he doesn’t belong to my life anymore like I don’t belong to his. But my parents I wished so much closer to me, standing to my left and my right, arms linked with each other! I just imagined it, but I know, in reality, there would be so many hurdles to overcome the distance between us…

In this session, there was a lot of analysis. A lot about sitting with eyes closed, thinking, rethinking, imagining, reimagining… Feeling relaxed, just playing with the thoughts… focused on the future created from the positions of the past. Queen and king moving forward, while some Indian pawn is thrown out of the game… In chess, I felt most close to the horse… with its unusual weird movement, two fields to the front, one to the side, weird just like me! An asymmetry which always had fascinated me most in this game of pure strategy. It is the horse which creates great chances for traps, to make the opponent finally fall. But shall I be such a great human manipulator like my former boyfriend was? Chungmei reminded me that the positive thing about this is, to keep a distance between the emotions of other people and your own. This makes judgement easier as you are less involved emotionally. But do I want to be like that? Perhaps part of it is worth considering…

In chess, there is no mercy. But in life, there is. Waiting to surface if given the opportunity.