Express anger to create space to feel love, compassion and inner peace

Somehow my coaching & rebirthing practice has theme weeks. This week it was all about emerging anger.

Clients were telling me stories filled with uncovered anger and I grabbed it with both hands. I laid out for them how connecting with anger in order to express it can diminish fear, even to the point that fear evaporates.

I just finished a session with a client who I guided with social panorama. This technique is based on neuro linguistic programming and similar to family constellations but with the difference that it’s only based on your emotional imaginary map and the presence of others is not needed.

This technique is very effective to create emotional change within all relationships. This week I’ve seen clients expressing their anger towards a bullying older sister, an emotional distant parent and inauthentic parent.

Expressing anger in a safe environment lowers stress levels caused by fear and creates space to feel more love, compassion and inner peace.

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

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I just love breakthrough sessions!


I just love breakthrough sessions!

Especially when it concerns the emotional development of someone who hasn’t been sleeping for years now due to high levels of tension in the body. In today’s session; the 27th coaching and rebirthing session, the client was finally able to continue the conscious connected breathing without any interruptions.

Client felt so fed up by how slow her healing process was coming along. After our talk about whether is better to breathe motivated by frustration and anger or love and compassion conclusion was it’s good to give room to the frustration and anger, because it will lower fear levels.

Anger is thé emotion which will help you overcome your fears. Hence client breathed with the motivation of being fed up. This was very helpful to open up the chest and get connected with the underlying tensions. Inner child of the client cried from trauma, these were healing tears. Later on the adult client cried out of hope, relieve and happiness of having reached this phase in the healing process.

Breath with me?

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

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Guided meditations via FB Live. Breathe!


Just received a client who was present at my 1st guided meditation via FB Live. It helped him to relax after a day full of calls and meetings. He put all upcoming data in his agenda. Yeah!! I feel enormously motivated to give these guided meditations and…even continue after this May project.

This idea of giving guided meditations through FB Live popped up somewhere last year, in February 2018. During 2018 my creative workgoal was to speak about my work through FB Live. Every month I spoke about a different topic in relationship to high sensitivity.

This was my focus and hence I didn’t have the mental, emotional and physical space to take action upon this idea of giving guided meditations through fb live. Furthermore I was busy tackling my fear of driving a car.

Now I am experiencing a new kind of freedom.

🌿 I’m into 1.5 year of car driving experience and I love to drive.

🌿 I easily put myself in front of a camera to speak about my work. I’ve even spoken in English and Spanish on Intstagram TV. (it’s not perfect, but what the h***)

🌿 My coaching and rebirthing practice is going well.

🌿 Freedom because of my youngest child is growing up. He is literally stepped out of his diaper phase and is talking lots.

By processing all fear in relationship to putting myself out there I’ve learned that there is a time and space for everything we want to do. I fully agree and feel the following quote by Rumi “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”. In many aspects of life I’ve become quieter and I have listened to my hunches. I’ve even let them guide me. Only sometimes the fear is too big or there is a lack in time and energy to start new projects.

But when an idea comes back around and around than you simply have to bow for it and act without thinking.

And that’s what I did with regards to these guided meditations. I’ve committed myself to be present every Tuesday evening until Summer holidays. What definitely motivates me is that current clients tell me they will be there and it is so much fun to bring people together. Afterwards I will evaluate and feel what’s up next.

Breath with me?

This is the facebook page: Hooggevoeligheid en intuïtie. (high sensitivity and intuition) It’s in Dutch, but I mentioning it anyway, because I have an Italian friend who takes fitness classes in Polish even though she doesn’t understand any of it 😉

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

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Feel the courage to act out of love

Yeah! Say that again. What I tell people during a rebirthing session:

Inhale positive energy, life energy. Inhale unconditional love, happiness and trust. Your inhalation will support, feed and connect you to your core, your soul, to feel that you may embrace all feelings. And that you deserve the life you desire.

Exhale negative energy and tension. Tension that was built up over years. Exhale anger, fear and sadness and all related emotions such as guilt, disappointment, loneliness, helplessness and even hate.

Yes, name every feeling you have, it doesn’t mean you actually hate the person or someone close to you. You disapprove of the behavior and suffer from the effect it has had or still has on your emotional body. You are in pain.

Doing the conscious connected breathing will connect you to your energetic body. The pain behind your limiting thoughts and behavior is stored in your energetic body. When the connection has been established the pain will surface in your physical body.

Then your mind will be confronted with the tension and stress in your physical body. When you feel safe enough you will be able to surrender to the sadness and other limiting emotions. When you don’t feel safe enough the body will be struggling to release the tension. That’s when I intervene with guidance. I’l help you to feel safe, to surrender.

With every tear you shed, with every scream out of anger or fear you slowly but steadily grow a healthy and loving connection with your body. Mind and body will befriend each other. The inner critic will make room for the voice which speaks out of love.

You will feel the courage to act out of love.

Breath with me?

With com-passion,

Chungmei Cheng

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Experience positive changes in your life

“Inhale with the motivation that you want to live, that you want to experience positive changes in your life.”

This is what I told a client during his first rebirthing session because he came across moments in his life that he wanted to stop living. The amount of sadness was unbearable. Out of self-protection he thought: when I’m gone I won’t feel any of the sadness I’ve caused. But somewhere deep within he knew this wasn’t true.

And now he is here, in my coaching and rebirthing practice after years of struggeling; nasty divorce including the lives of four children and a series of lawsuits. After having read everything he wanted to know about personal development he had to acknowledge that he needed help, he needed healing.

In front of me was sitting a highly sensitive and highly gifted man. He is in pain. The pain has surfaced during the last 11 years, because of main life events, but was already present in his childhood. The fear of failure is noticable in many areas of his life. He longs for change. Positive changes. He has learned to give love, but never experienced to receive love.

To prepare him for the rebirthing/ breathing session I told him to surrender and not to expect anything. To surrender to the physical expressions of his body. He is a man who mostly lives in his head because of fear, but also because he is naturally curious, a thinker and someone who wants to solve everything by his own. The breathing session would help him to connect his head to his heart.

During his first rebirthing session he felt a tingling sensation in his arms and on his chest. He also experienced a lot of tension in his face to the amount that he couldn’t speak freely. Furthermore there was tension released in his neck after having focused on the thought “I accept myself fully”.

When you focus on the positive and act out of love you will “massage” the pain out of your system.

It was a great first session! Looking forward to the following rebirthing sessions.

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Warm regards,
Chungmei Cheng

HSP: cómo despegarse. 3 Consejos!


La sesión de hoy con una joven que es altamente sensible me inspiró a compartir los siguientes consejos sobre cómo desengancharse a nivel físico, mental y emocional. Señalé el nivel físico primero, porque esta mujer experimenta esa sensación de estar atrapada a través de su cuerpo. Se siente como si estuviera flotando sobre el suelo, con la cabeza llena, perdiendo la concentración y encontrándose en un entorno social poniéndose nerviosa e insegura. En realidad, fue ella quien me preguntó después de una sesión de coaching y renacimiento: “¿Me puede decir cómo desengancharme cuando la vida me lleve nuevamente a este estado físico incómodo?”

Compartí lo siguiente con ella:

1. llorar

2. Ducharse o bañarse.

3. Siéntate frente a un fuego

Esa sensación de estar atascado proviene de la energía que está girando dentro de su sistema, pero la energía no puede encontrar una salida. Necesitas ayudar a esa energía para salir de tu sistema; tu cabeza, tu cuerpo Esa energía podría ser la tristeza, la ira y el miedo (o una buena combinación) a la que te aferras, porque nunca has aprendido a expresar estas emociones.


Bueno, en primer lugar, lo que he aprendido en mi práctica de coaching y renacimiento es que a muchas personas altamente sensibles les resulta difícil llorar. Incluso cuando están solos en casa. Podría ser por vergüenza de ser escuchado o tener que reconocer que algo o alguien te tocó. Podría ser por miedo, porque no sabes qué aparecerá a continuación cuando empieces a llorar. Pánico, histeria, impotencia, soledad. Conozco un hecho interesante sobre el miedo: no es real. (no cuando estás parado frente a alguien que está a punto de golpearte, sino el miedo que tortura la mente)

Incluso cuando piensas que no lloras fácilmente, puede haber momentos en los que te sientas cómodo y lo suficientemente seguro como para hacerlo. Por ejemplo, cuando estás viendo una película que realmente te afecta a ti o una canción, o mientras lees un pasaje de un libro. Quizás tienes un compañero o un amigo querido en el que confías. Cuando te sientas estancado, busca lo que te funcione para que puedas darle un pequeño empujón a esa energía para que abandone tu sistema.

Aparte de las emociones de los demás, la suya propia, la energía de la tierra y los edificios, las personas altamente sensibles son movidas por tantas cosas como la belleza, las artes, la bondad. Siente tus emociones y deja que tu voz sea escuchada. ¡Mantén la energía en movimiento!

Tomar una ducha o un baño

Muchas personas altamente sensibles recogen y absorben diferentes emociones y energías, pero de alguna manera están viviendo sus vidas desde la cabeza; Planificación, organización, pensando en qué hacer a continuación. Residir principalmente en tu cabeza en lugar de en tu cuerpo indica que lo más probable es que te guíe el miedo. Una pregunta que aparece a lo largo de estas líneas es: “¿Qué siento?”

La raíz de este problema se encuentra en lo que han atravesado las personas altamente sensibles al trauma. Una de las dinámicas familiares que podría ser la causa de cuanto preocupado se siente ahora comparado a lo que sienten los demás es la siguiente situación.

Cuando eres un niño necesitas la guía de tus padres para sentir lo que es tuyo y lo que es suyo. Cuando los padres pasan por sus propios problemas y problemas matrimoniales, esto pone un gran peso sobre los hombros del niño más sensible de la familia. Este niño es consciente de la tensión y se levanta para ayudar, guiar a sus padres o hermanas y hermanos. Mientras el niño juega este rol de mediador, no tendrá suficiente espacio para desarrollar su mundo emocional interno. Es decir, siempre están atentos a lo que se necesita hacer en lugar de sentir cómo son heridos por los problemas familiares.

Estar atento es simplemente tener miedo de lo que sigue. ¿Qué pelea, la discusión surgirá? Diariamente, es posible que no sepamos por qué nos sentimos estancados, pero tomar un viaje por el carril de la memoria le dará respuestas. Pero para mantener mi perfil bajo, cuando te sientas atorado, pero no puedes ponerle el dedo, entonces te animo a que te bañes o te duchas. Limpia tu cuerpo energético, te devuelve a tu cuerpo, al presente. Si necesita varias duchas o baños en un día, simplemente hágalo.

Siéntate frente a un fuego

Lo mismo ocurre con sentarse frente a un fuego. El fuego limpia tu cuerpo energético. Además, calma tu mente. Simplemente observa las llamas y sentirás el efecto. Si no tiene un incendio en la casa, podría comprar un montón de velas. Póngalos cerca y deje que estas llamas hagan el trabajo. Si tienes la suerte de tener un jardín o tienes amigos con jardines, puedes comprar un pozo de fuego y hacer un fuego afuera.

Por supuesto, hay muchas otras formas de despegarse: salir de la casa para respirar aire fresco y caminar, escribir, hacer trabajos manuales, deportes, yoga, masajes, manualidades, meditar y simplemente sentarse y respirar. En este blog he presentado “llorar, ducharme o bañarme y sentarme frente a un fuego” porque hasta ahora la gente que guío en mi práctica de coaching estaba muy feliz de recibirlos. Espero estos consejos funcionen para usted también.

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HSP: I no longer am scared of myself


Coaching & rebirthing experience of one of my clients…

Through my sessions with Chungmei and the guidance she’s offered me, a lot of aspects of myself and my past unfolded, somethings I didn’t know that I was capable of and I was still holding on to. 

It’s hard to describe the feeling you go through when you undergo the ‘rebirthing’ sessions. My experience is that lots of tension surfaced in my body. Sometimes I found a release in letting my voice be heard and other times a tear rolled down my face.

What in my experience made Chungmei different from other therapists is that I felt like she is so comfortable with showing her emotions too, as she is a highly sensitive person as well. This made me feel more understood in an unspoken kind of way. The entire process felt more natural, instead of a ‘by the book’ type of approach. In my mind that is also the way to go about it. Since every person is different, every experience, every trauma, and coping mechanism. 

I used to think that something was wrong with me, my way of handeling life and feelings. Since other people didn’t think something was quite a problem or that I was way more easily emotionally triggered. I thought I just had to toughen up, but was scared that that would mean that I couldn’t stay true to myself. I was afraid I had to change my way of treat people. 

But I can now say that I am still true to what I used to aspire to be. But more living from my own energy and more in control of my emotions. In a way that I accept all I’m feeling and undergoing it. instead of over analysing it mentally with how I am supposed to feel or think. 

I was scared that for the rest of my life thinking of my mother and remembering her would be linked with the immense feeling of not being able to breathe and pain. Chungmei asked me ‘ what if you could remember her in only but pure love’. I didn’t think that was possible. But now from time to time I’m capable of doing so. Not all the time yet, since im not completely there yet, but now I have experienced what she meant by that. 

Chungmei has been such a great attribute to my healing process and self acceptance. Her guidance ignited my inner wisdom and unconditional love on how to balance my emotions. I no longer am scared of myself, nor do I believe I’m too weak because of being more sensitive to stimulus around me. I now see it as a great aspect of myself and can use it better to my own advantage. 

I would recommend this to everyone to at least try it once. Might be the kind of therapy you didn’t know you needed. I hope to continue on this path of self-discovery, with the occasional knock on your door, Chungmei. 😉

Thank you so much for all you have done for me so far.

You are most welcome!

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