Fotoreport of the Tedx Rotterdam Event 4th of June

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By Chungmei Cheng
LifeCoach voor Orchid of Life -lifecoaching

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Tedx Rotterdam on Friday the 4th of June

The following Dutch people make it possible to have a Ted Event in the Netherlands:

“TEDxRot­ter­dam is founded by Myron Freel­ing and Isis Spui­jbroek, who were granted the right to orga­nize TEDxRot­ter­dam by the TED orga­ni­za­tion. TEDxRot­ter­dam is orga­nized by a non­profit foun­da­tion. TEDxRot­ter­dam is made pos­si­ble because of the part­ner­ships with affi­lated orga­ni­za­tions, com­pa­nies and entrepeneurs.”

Check out the site for more information:
Register yourself and write an inspiring motivation why they should invite you to this event!!

My registration
What’s your idea worth spreading?
– The idea that we should strive for TRUE LOVE. True love is possible if you are willing to open your heart by overcoming all negative emotions such as fear, anger, and disappointment.

What are you made of?
– Made of pure love. A clear mind who can reflect the underlying emotions which people tend to hide consciously or unconsciously.

Which of your heroes should be included in Tedx Rotterdam and why?
– My partner Arnold Emile Balde, because sometimes I feel like I am living with Buddha himself. He keeps his calm in many situations, eager to learn and spreads his fysical, musical and spiritual creativity with capoeira and he is a major connector of people from different cultures.

So, do you think I will get invited to this event? 😉

Unfamiliar with Ted? Get to know Ted by the following link:

HVZ: the Hague Woman Business Club

Our website (in Dutch):

You can also find us on Linkedin. Search in groups for: Haagse Vrouwenzaken


HVZ at Caballero Business Event ’09


Members of HVZ
Members of HVZ

Social Media Presentation

Play it Forward: initiator of PIFWorld


Pifworld is a virtual world that brings together people and projects to make a positive change worldwide.
Join Pifworld’s global community, support and promote projects that you really care about and see how you and your friends can change the world!

1.Find your project
Pifworld is an easy way to find projects that match your ideals. From hunger relief to wildlife protection. From HIV awareness to building a school. Support the project you think will make a difference. 100% of your donation goes to the partner organisation that carries out the project. The whole wide world is at your fingertips!

2. Involve your friends
Pifworld makes it easier than ever before to involve others to support your favourite project. Invite your friends, family and colleagues. Involve your school, sports team or company. Together realise those projects that you really care about!

3. See the change
Best of all is that Pifworld enables you to see the change you make. Go to a Project Page and see for  yourself what kind of progress has been made. Watch the personal video updates and see how the school  you supported is being built  brick-by-brick. Stay connected like never before.

Become an Ambassador!
Are you ready to take it a step further for you favourite project? Become an Ambassador and promote your project even more passionately. Use photos, videos and blogs to inspire others. Grow a beard, run a marathon or bake cakes with your school. Nothing is too crazy to make sure that your favourite project gets the support it deserves!

Eager to get started? Go to and start making the change you want to see in the world.

“The ‘play it forward’ movement is inspired by the movie Pay It Forward. In this movie a little boy comes up with an idea to change the world. He invents the idea of not paying a favor back, but forward. It is all about repaying good deeds to three new people. By putting this idea into action he starts up a worldwide revolution.” Read the full blog here.

Orchid of Life -LifeCoaching supports PIFWorld

Nobco New Year Gathering

These are the kinds of events I attend when I am not coaching people. I had fun, met great people and had interesting conversations. This event was organised by the Nobco, the Dutch Association for Professional Coaches.



Professional Networking and Cooking!

In September 2008 I joined an association named ‘Haagsche vrouwenzaken’ in Dutch. Even though the name is Dutch there are also members whose native language is English.

They organise events with different themes in the Hague. Last year, beginning of December, we had a cooking workshop in the Hague. And there we were with almost 30 woman in a beautiful, tiny location with two cooks helping us out. The menu was a mixture of Japanese and Spanisch cooking such as sushi with tuna, chicken teriyak with baked aubergines, merluza and jamon serrano con verduras. It was delicious! It was also fun to walk around with apertives while everyone was still behind the stove busy preparing the main dishes.

The point of all this cooking was off course getting to know each other and while you are at it, doing business. Most of the business was done while we were enjoying the main dishes at the table.


Professional Networking: Let Things Happen!

Yesterday I was at a New Year event  of the Chamber of Commerce of the Hague. The Kurhaus was crowded with guests, especially man in suit. Compared to the New Year event in Amsterdam last week, we couldn’t assist different kinds of workshops and business speed-dating sessions. As my goal was to get to know people, exchange ideas and enlarge my network of business contacts I had to randomly start conversations with people on my own.  

Well, here I go. First of all, I had to pass this idea of the event in Amsterdam which was organised pretty good. Secondly, I walked around a bit to orientate myself in the big room of people and control some nervousness popping up in my belly and mind. After I calmed down I started to think about whom I would speak to. I walked up a man who was standing alone at a table in the back of the room.

He was the first person I spoke to and being the ceo he is. He talked my ears off. He is the ceo of a recycling company  and the conversation went on for more than half an hour. After exchanging little information about the business in which we work we spoke about ‘life taking it’s own course’, ‘things happen for a reason’, ‘the flow of life: synchronicity’ and so on. The man was highly spiritual orientated and felt like he could talk to me about these topics. Referring to us meeting each other he said that he didn’t know why we met, but perhaps he would discover this later on.

While he was talking about synchronicity I thought: ‘Well one thing already is clear to me! During the same day I wrote an article in Dutch about ‘Go with the Flow: starting the New Year Happy!’. His life business story confirmed the essence of what I wanted to pass on to my readers. In business he just ‘let things happen’. Read ‘the Lazy Manifesto: Do Less. Then, Do even Less’ to get an in –dept view on ‘letting things happen’. I also agree with another belief of his: things will come your way, but be sure to say ‘no’ on time when you feel that the newly created situation brings more negative then positive energy.

I had a magnificent time after I tuned in to the setting of the New Year event. Sometimes you just have to work harder to get yourself out there.  

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