Reflecting on 2010


Do you remember my reflection-tweets? The last weeks I have been tweeting several questions to reflect on 2010. Did it make you stop and think about your year? Well, I certainly hope so!! It’s a good way to make a fresh new start in 2011. In this blog I will do some reflecting myself.

1. What was the most exciting, heart-stirring that happend in your life and/or business in 2010? This is an easy one. I gave birth to a daughter and along a whole new set of emotions was unleashed.

2. What was your biggest learning? Through the experience of giving birth I learnt to have even more respect for woman than I already had. Besides respect for woman in general I have gained a deeper understanding on the struggling my mother went through as a single mom with two small children.

3. How did you stretch yourself? I didn’t know how much pain I could handle, before giving birth. Now I don’t know if the pain of giving birth was more or less painful than the pains I went through during the three months after giving birth. So, yeah, I stretched myself, not because I wanted to, I had to. I had to recover so I could take care of my daughter.

Looking back at the goals for 2010. 

4. Which ones were you most proud of accomplishing? Haha, off course, I am proud of having given birth to a beautiful daughter. It was hell, but very much rewarding! Also proud of packing and unpacking a whole household, because we moved from a one floor appartement to a maisonette.

5. Which goals were easier to meet than you thought? To let go of the goals I set. I asked a webdesigner to give my blogs and the Orchid of Life newsletter a make-over, but through circumstances from both sides we couldn’t launch it before I went on maternity leave. Now it’s finally done. I love the new ‘outfit’ of the blogs and the newsletter.

6. Which ones were more challenging? I wanted to continue working until I was supposed to go on a maternity leave. And I did. Though not with full-speed. When I was around four months pregnant I had a session with a man and mistakenly I named an ex of his differently. Oeps! He smiled and said: ‘It’s oke, it’s because you’re pregnant. Forgetfulness is normal. I have been there, done that.’ Oefff….lucky me! A person who understood. There was even a woman who hired me as her lifecoach while I was heavily pregnant.

7. What did you enjoy doing that you want to do more off? Reading. During the last months of the pregnancy I started reading and I loved it.

8. What do you need to stop doing or let go off? Asking my partner to clean up all the things he leaves wandering in the house!

9. What new opportunities are available for 2011 and beyond? And beyond…well for this part of the question I can refer you to an earlier post ‘Take time to dream’.

I will answer the first part of the question in a next blog. Still need to think about this one!

Adjusting goals from time to time

Photo: Global warming swimming pool delivers clever message!

Remember me telling you via my twitter profile about my 3-times-a-week-swimming goal?

After my first swim in ages I wanted to go swimming 3 times a week. I set it as a goal, but during the first week after 2 visits to the pool I noticed a big difference between wanting and being capable of achieving my goal. It was as if my body yelled at me saying ‘I am like plumpudding!!’. Indeed, all my muscles were seriously weakened because of giving birth to Amé.

During this week I adjusted my initial goal to 2 times a week. Why 2? Well, three was just too much, because my body told me so and I was also frustrated by the idea of not being able to achieve the goal. One time would be too easy. This leaves me to two times and my experience is that it challenges me to get fitter week after week.