How we stay positive, healthy and strong in these times

First of all: we are not panicking. We are not more afraid than we should be. We are surrounded by people who are afraid of being contaminated by the corona virus. Family, friends and neighbours. Even though Dutch government told us that we can receive up to three people in our house, people massively have decided not to open up their doors for visitors.

We have friends who don’t want to meet up because they want to act in complete solidarity with the people who are suffering directly or indirectly because of the corona virus. Furthermore they don’t want to unconsciously pass on the corona virus which will inevitably increase the pressure onto healthcare organisations. 

No, of course, we don’t want that either. But come on, have more trust in your own bodies. And have more trust in your fellow human being. Don’t get angry or upset and start scolding, because someone has crossed your path within those 1.5 meters. We are outside walking in the “wild”, because we are not sick! Well, that’s what I want to believe. 

Most of the time we are at home or near home, but those social moments on playgrounds, in our street or with (some) friends/school mates and their parents at their houses or somewhere in nature are priceless. As one friend said (today): “Come in, have some tea and let our bacterias meet”. In continuation: one of my clients works at a primary school and after each 6-week Summer holiday classmates see each other again and within days they receive phonecalls of parents whose kids got sick while they hadn’t been sick for the entire Summer holiday. 

Her biggest concern was how to gradually let all teachers, parents and students gather in and around school after the schools are reopened. When you allow everyone to come at once, it will be a mess for sure. 

Anyhow, we continue to stay calm, cheerful and happy. Whenever emotions related to corona times surface we embrace them. Including the emotions triggered by the emotions related to corona times. (trauma) We also continue to guide our children through this. 

​​​​​​​From here, my heart to yours, I’m sending you lots of positive energy, physical calmness and peace of mind. And let’s keep on doing what makes us feel alive :))

  • Polishing my Spanish by listening to Martha Debayle and singing in this beautiful language;
  • Creating video’s to share my work and to enhance this skill to create video courses related to being highly sensitive and all challenges in life;
  • Interview people via videoskype on career change & interviewing artists on their creative processes;
  • Eat fresh foods, salads on almost a daily basis;
  • Laughing out loud with Arnold and our kids;
  • Being outside in nature;
  • Write & continue sharing my work via social media;
  • Still meeting people on a physical level on a small scale who are healthy and full of trust, like we are.

What makes you feel alive? 

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

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Health: change is possible

End of June last year we moved to our current home. This was such a huge operation with help of the episodes of Marie Kondo on Netflix. Even right after the move we continued deciding upon things we wanted to keep or throw away. It took up all my energy. That’s why I have stopped giving chakra healing for a while. I’m referring to the people I received next to the clients who came for a session. All the while I have continued giving myself chakra healing and to the majority of the clients.

As of yesterday I invited someone I spoke to during one of the school activities of my daughter. Wednesday is my free day and she accepted my invitation to come over with her daughter for a play-date and meanwhile we could talk a bit more. She is suffering two hernia’s and she is only 30 years young. For the past half a year she has experienced several times a fall out of both her legs. Even once when she was on a bicycle. Very dangerous.

Now she is awaiting an injection which will hopefully help to decrease the hernia and the pain. This procedure will only take place because she is too young for the operation that the doctors had in mind. Every day she is in a lot of pain. She has pain meds, but sometimes she needs to skip a day, because otherwise she gets used to the painkiller. The day she came was one of these days. I must say, she is very good at hiding the pain.

Her husband was sceptic towards chakra healing, but she read a bit about it and decided to be up for it. Another development is that her husband and herself are trying to eat vegan for almost 1.5 week. This was her husbands idea after having watched the documentary Gamechangers. He is very honest about his lifestyle. He smokes, drinks coffee and Coca Cola and he knows he is not to complain about his physical health and condition, because he is the one not taking good care of himself. 

They have know each other for 14 years and she never thought she would see this day come. He loves meat. And she comes from a meat and fish eating family. While I was listening to the latest food development story the thought crossed my mind that the timing of the chakra healing offer was just about right!

I lent her our cooking book Heel veel Veg! and tipped her off with the

​​​​​​​documentary Heal on Netflix. 

She will continue to come for chakra healing. With no guarantees, but if you keep your mind, body and soul open, a lot is possible!

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

HSP Coach & Rebirther
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I welcome abundance into my daily life

Today is the last day of the 21 Days Abundance Challenge by Deepak Chopra. It was fun and it has definitely changed my abundance mindset in a positive way. For one I decided to go through my closet to decide which items I wanted to keep and which I wanted to give a way. It felt amazing to keep the items in which I feel 100% comfortable. And the items I gave away put an enormous smile on a friend’s face. Fantastic.

Another outcome is that I feel happy and grateful on a daily basis with all I have; material and non-material. I’ve always felt cheerful and grateful, but the challenge made me tune in more with all the beauty that surrounds me and boosted these feelings. Yesterday I decided to participate in a 3-day training on Mental Space Psychology by Lucas Derks, a dear friend of mine. It feels so good to see something, want it and seconds after to decide to do it. Feeling that type of freedom. Wow!!

Right after I made this decision the thought crossed my mind that this investment in myself will come back to me multiplied 7 times.

And to top the whole abundance-adventure of: today @arnoldbalde and I went to Elysium in Bleiswijck; a sauna complex. We enjoyed it fully, what a relaxing and energizing day we had. Being good, kind and treat ourselves; at times a big challenge, but now finally it feels good.

So yes, I fully agree to a life in which we live in the present with no regrets, thanking every one who has had an impact on my life (positive or negative; in the end it’s all positive if we are able to draw the lessons from the experiences) and cherising and enjoying all sparks of abundance that surrounds us.

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei 💕🌿✨

Do you long for positive developments in your life?

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Where there is fear, there is growth

Last evening I gave my 1st guided meditation through FB Live on my Dutch fb page named high sensitivity and intuition.

It went well and I had lots of fun teaching. The fun part was only in the moment! Before and after I was nervous: I couldn’t focus on watching a movie and I shed some tears. Afterwards my stomach felt empty in a painful way. So overall it wasn’t yet a relaxing experience for me.

During the moments of tension the following thought crossed my mind a couple of times: “why am I choosing to go through all of this??” My reaction was that I needed to challenge myself, but this wasn’t leading. I couldn’t longer neglect the Call. I/ my soul was “called” upon doing this for many times. It was an idea and opportunity I had to honour. I needed to Answer The Call as Brené Brown talks about in her Netflix talk “the Call to Courage”.

My partner @arnoldbalde added to this with: “You want to grow. It’s your soul’s biggest wish. Where there is fear, there is growth.”

Breath with me?

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

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Positivity: seeing the bright side of life


Somehow, whatever happens, I always keep on seeing the bright sight of life. Two dear friends told me, shortly after another, that they experience me as a very optimistic person. ‘How do you do that?’ they asked me. ‘How do you remain optimistic when I tell you that I don’t see a way out here. I feel horrible, my life is falling apart and I can’t see this leading to a better and more positive situation. I’m hopeless.’

When friends reach out to me and share their grief and disappointment in life and most of all in themselves, I start to say things like ‘also this will pass and you will get out of this situation as a stronger and more loving person, you are a beautiful human being whose always prepared to help or assist in some way, you are worth it, it’s by taking small steps that you will reach the point where you want to be, everything takes time and you will get there for sure, look at all the things you’ve done up until now’. So yeah, it comes out like that: naturally and without thinking. I’m totally and utterly convinced that every situation will turn out for the better.

So how do I stay optimistic? It’s because of my aunt. I have a lot to thank her for. She is one of the strongest people I know and she invested a lot of time and energy in us, children; her own children and her cousins. She showed me how it could be done. Listened to me, talked to me. She let us experience the fun stuff in life in stead of only studying and working. She is the one who taught me to be resilient in any kind of situation. ‘Keep on doing what you like,’ she told me.

Coaching: working on a positive attitude

My experience with coachees is that most people do have some kind of idea about what they want in life, but they don’t know how to get there.

1. Finetuning personal goals
During the first session we talk about these ideas on work, love relationship and other wishes regarding their personal development. Like I said, most people have some kind of idea about what they want in life, but when they find themselves talking to a coach they actually finetune what they want. For example: I want a job which will match my studies, knowledge and job experience. We can finetune this goal into: I want a job in which I can mainly work with people away from the desk. I am a real people person. We can then add this to the previous goal and we get a much clearer idea of where we should head to.

2.  Identity coaching: who are you? 
After having set out the personal goals of the coaching traject we really start talking about how you can get there. To get there you need yourself! What do I mean by this? You need to know what your skills are, what you are capable of doing, what your strong and weak points are and how you can put your skills out there to get what you want. Most of the time I come in (into your life) as a coach to broaden and deepen your view on yourself as a person and on life. There are different coaching ways to get out there what you’re good at.

3. Changing mood: get positive and focused
Further down the road: there is no need to talk any further about what you want in life if you’re mentally not ready to think about those stuff. So first of all, I will get you through your world of limiting beliefs. When thinking back on a session I believe the most important thing in which I succeeded during this session was changing the mood of the coachee. At start the coachee was really sad; eyes were hanging, radiation a bit greyish and tone-of-voice was empty. After around 15 minutes I started provoking. From that moment onwards the coachee’s mood became more and more positive; laughing, stronger non-verbal communication, more strength in tone-of-voice and even joking around.

And when you feel in the mood again we get back on the tracks you have chosen to be.

Give away genuine smiles

On a beautiful spring day in the Hague I was with my daughter in the tram. Three guys stepped into the tram. I noticed they we’re from abroad. Didn’t speak Dutch. Two guys passed and the third appeared. In some magical way, from that moment on, I entered in another dimension. A dimension in which everyone was cheerful, authentic and there was this heartfelt connection between all of us. The magic came from the third guy.

When he saw Amé his face opened; he lifted his eyebrows, his eyes started glittering, his cheeks came up to his ears and there was this big smile curling up his lips. Stunned. I was stunned. In a split second my attention was drawn to where we should get off. It was the stop after the three guys got in. When I pulled the buggy towards the door I thought of asking this third guy for help. Three pair of eyes were already geared towards the door. All of them ready to help out. I asked the third guy.

After letting go of the buggy he looked Amé straight in the eyes: again this open, gentle and smiling face. He waved at her. It was clear that Amé, a baby of almost eight months, had this effect on him. He wasn’t giving away these smiles to every person he passed in the tram. Though I believe this way of connecting to babies would also work with adults. The world would be a far better place to live in when people could make the same connection he did.

8 Happy Boosters

Happy feet

1.Comforting yourself with the thought that this will also pass. Today I found myself in a devestating melancholical mood. Hey, what do you know? Even though I work as a lifecoach, I am also human! I went this morning to the gym to exercise a bit, but it didn’t give me the normal booster like it does normally. So I had to give space to this feeling of sadness. I know that this isn’t a fun way to start the ‘8 Happy Boosters’, but it is a good example that these feelings eventually will pass. What should you do to bring yourself out of this state of mind? Well, first of all, allow yourself to feel this way and then move on with little steps. In my case I was moaning a bit and then I got dressed, stepped on my bike and started my to-do list.

2.Give yourself space to choose again and again. When you find yourself in a situation that you are experiencing a dilemma between what you want to do and what you have to do. Allow yourself to choose for the thing you want to do. In a world where we expect so much of ourselvels it feels like a real gift when you allow yourself to choose again and again. There is always a new situation. There is always a choice. Give yourself the freedom of being able to choose for the things that make you happy.

3.Disconnect yourself from anything close to technology; phone, internet, tv etc! Studies show that extroverts and introverts alike get a mood boost from connecting with other people. The flipside of being involved all the time is that it makes you tired. Acknowledge the fact that you want some piece and quiteness once in a while and pick up a book, go dancing or bake a nice cake!

4.Communicate how you feel. As I told you before, I felt bad today. Once I had done some of my to-do list I thought ‘aaaahhh, it would feel so good to tell someone about how I really feel. People always think that as a lifecoach you are never to feel unstable or undecisive. Well, to be honest, as a human being like you I also go through this fases once in a while and then I need someone else to give me some positive impulses. Today my sister gave me several positive impulses. She immediately sent a link to a interesting website and motivated me by sharing a picture of a delicious cake.

5.Dress yourself nicely. Research shows that how we act depends on how we feel, but it also works the otherway around. In fact, we often feel because of the way we act. As improbable as this sounds, it really works. When you notice that you are not really in the mood to do things, don not stay in your pyjamas all day, but dress yourself nicely, create new combinations and be prepared for another day of work, party or other celebration.

6. Take time to buy presents. In Holland the month December is full of giving and receiving presents, because of Sint Nicolaas and off course Christmas. When you also have birthdays coming up this and next month then you definitely need someone who buys all the presents, but with this Happy Booster I would like to tip you on taking time to buy presents, because the receiver will feel how much time you have spent on the present. Giving a present is actually showing your beloved ones how well you know them and the smile that appears on their faces with the first glimpse on the present is priceless.

7. Talk to someone you haven’t spoken for a long time. Some friendships go and some friendships stay. Tomorrow I will have dinner with someone who I consider a dear friend of mine, but due to certain situations we didn’t have contact for a while. I believe that situations pass and the feelings of friendship stay. If we will be close friends in the future time will tell, but I know that I will enjoy my time with her tomorrow.

8. Your lucky number! Eight is actually my lucky number!! What is yours? Since 8 is the lucky number of the whole nation of China I can proudly say that I have a lot of back -up. The more people think positively about something the more it will bring you. The Happy Booster tip I would like to give you is to focus on positive things in your life. This will indeed make you happyyyyy immediately. Think of the things for which you are grateful of and focus on these great experiences, people and so on!

With these 8 Happy Boosters, I hope I inspired you to do what you want and make yourself and others happy by just being YOU!!