HSP Coaching & Rebirthing: introduction session


The introduction session takes an hour and a half. Let the pain surface so joy can replace it. That’s the work I guide during sessions. As an HSP Coach & Rebirther I have studied different coaching techniques to guide mental and emotional shifts. I have arrived at the place where my soul’s purpose and the people who resonate with my work have come together. People of all ages.

Since 2004 my vision and mission has been the same. I am here to guide people to hear the calling of their hearts and souls so they can take action upon this. My mission is to help these people to release the pain they are carrying within so it can be replaced by the joy fueled by sharing their innate talents and qualities. I specialised in guiding highly sensitive people towards a positive, healthy and fulfilling life.

You can ask me for guidance on the following topics: career, work/life balance, fear of failure, perfectionism, inner critic, emotional conflicts in love-, family- and professional relationships, mourning, divorce, raising highly sensitive children, identity, cultural differences, emigration, friendship, burn-out, stress, concentration problems and meaning of life. Click here to take a look on my website Orchid of Life. 

  • E-mail and/or contact via phone: orchidoflife@gmail.com, +31642804038
  • Confirmation appointment via e-mail including payment details
  • Payment session(s) via Digitale Factuur: Dutch bank account or creditcard
  • Taking place of the session: coaching practice in The Hague, Netherlands or Skype/ Facetime
  • Short summary of session via e-mail
  • Frequency: in co-creation with clients
  • Telephone coaching with coachees in Europe, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Chili…
  • Languages I coach in: Dutch, English & Spanish

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be. Specialized in guiding highly sensitive people towards an energetic, positive and fulfilling life.

With Com-Passion,
Chungmei Cheng

HSP Coach & Rebirther

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