Coachee Roos: Now I can express my feelings

I wasn’t feeling very well the last couple of months and after a terrible incident I mentally collapsed. Through word of mouth I contacted Chungmei. I was very sceptical towards coaching. Since I am a student I gladly made use of the free intake session. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want to invest in something which I would regret in the end.

During the intake session I had a good feeling about her. Chungmei listened carefully to what I said and through asking short questions she guided me into the right direction. Step by step I discovered what my problem was. I couldn’t express my feelings in words. Everything I felt somehow blocked me from speaking. I did some exercises with Chungmei which showed me what kind of limiting thoughts I have and where I felt blocked in my body when I feel down.

While doing the exercises she asked me at one point to visualize what I felt. Visualizing by the use of symbols. In this way I finally could express my feelings. It was great that she came to the core so quickly and she motivated me to go on. Now, after five sessions (+intake) I feel much better. I definitely know much better how I can deal with my emotions and I experience more piece of mind and quietness in my body. After the coaching I planned the Tuesdays to reflect on the previous week. I look at my personal goals and decide on what to focus the coming week.