Flow: Connected to the Stream of Life

Last weekend, Sunday to be precise, we had a magical day. Our car was at the garage. That’s why we decided to go by train to a birthday party. From door to door it would be little less than two hours. At first I thought this would be crazy; travelling with two kids who would be exposed to a continuous flow of impulses with a minimum chance of both of them taking a nap. But then again, it was all a matter of our attitude towards the trip. So I decided to enjoy every step of the way.

Our first encounter took place in the train. We met a lovely bright-eyed lady, she was radiating pure love. We started talking, because of the kids. I believe kids and animals are quite often used as a stepping stone to connect with people. But soon enough the conversation changed to exchanging our food habits and our view on how to eat clean. The lady, brought up in Zimbabwe and now living in the South of England, mentioned that she craves for salads and fruit. She also bakes with buckwheat, alternative grains and coconut oil. Arnold’s food heart was especially lifted up by this meet-up, because of his vegan lifestyle.

The lady works as a painter and uses her art to support and guide disabled people. Suddenly, in a flash of pure excitement, I said to her: I have a gift for you. She answered with a blush: ‘A gift? But meeting you and your kids is to me a big gift. I brought along books which were recently self-published. She was very happy to receive a copy of the Dutch book “Ben ik boos? Dan mag dat!”. It is on how to deal with anger when you are highly sensitive. She immediately thought of her sister who works as a biographical counsellor. She would be interested in this book.

After this lovely encounter Arnold and I exchanged a few words and lots of smiles, because we felt the same. By having decided to go to this birthday party by public transport we stepped into the flow of life, of exchanging our highest selves, our ideals, simply who we are connecting with other beautiful and loving souls on a mission.

The second surprising encounter took place on our way back to The Hague. We met a very sweet Brazilian couple with their dog. Again, thoughts on food were exchanged. Arnold’s vegan mind shook hands with Brazilian BBQ and fastfood lovers. At the same time they were indeed conscious about food. This all came about because of their dog. This dog was skinny at first, he refused to eat canned animal food. He only ate when he was starved; he would stroll to his food at 3am in the morning. His health condition alarmed his bosses. They dived into the information on animal food and discovered that canned animal food would contain the worst parts of the meat. Not to mention chemicals and other non-nutritious ingredients mixed into the food.

They decided to go for healthy. Their dog gets to eat cooked vegetables and raw meat from the butcher. They admitted with a huge smile that their dog eats healthier than they do. Although, of course, this was a bit exaggerated. During the week they would focus on healthy foods and weekends were for fastfood. And all the while I was thinking: Oh my god, their dog taught them to do conscious food shopping! Fantastic.

Our last encounter took place in the bus. Our youngest is such a social guy. He puts effort in locking eyes with woman. This time he met the eyes and soul of an Indian woman. I noticed she was struck by pure love. She kept on saying what a sweet boy he was. She was travelling back home. The Netherlands has been her home for 15 years. I asked her about the Indian community in The Hague, because I love the Indian-English accent. She didn’t know, because she was a part of a diverse International community due to working for an international organisation. Then I asked her about the best Indian place to eat in The Hague. She gave the best possible and surprising answer, namely: “My home”. We shared laughs.

This Sunday turned out to be one of our favourite days in 2017. The flow we stepped into took us to Zimbabwe, England, Brazil and India. It took us to having these interesting serendipitous encounters. Actually, in my view, every encounter is a chance to share your highest self, to share your view on life, your heart, your soul. It makes the world a lot friendlier and cosier, where ever your from and where ever you reside at this moment. The encounter taking place feels like creating a home where you can laugh out loud, be curious, ask questions, receive and give. I love it.

A few days later I received an e-mail of the lady who received my book:

Lieve Chungmei,

Firstly I would like to say how much I enjoyed meeting you and your lovely family. It is through these surprise encounters that I feel so enriched and connected to the stream of Life! Your book has been such a gift to me for which I am very grateful. I am still reading and digesting it, but will give you more feedback later. I just wanted to touch in and thank you ‘voor het cadeautje’!

Veel groetjes en het allerbeste met je mooie werk!

I feel the same.

By the way, our kids did great. Even though it was an exceptional long day for them.


Like a butterfly spreading its wings

Bringing harmony in almost everything that surrounds me is something that makes me feel exhilarated and alive, it’s like I was born to do it.

Painting & drawing gets me in this relaxed yet focused mood, I prefer to paint positive things, as what I paint influences how I feel, it can alter my mood, when I have a bad day it cheers me up.

I like it when people discover painting as a way to express themselves and release their emotions. It gives a sense of harmony to complete a painting, just like a symphony, it all has to flow into oneness.

Sketching is also fun to do, I like to leave some lines on the paper, the roughness and dynamic of it is pleasing to the eye. It’s fun to make illustrations that relate to a certain topic, that way there is a deeper feeling added to a story.

Interior design is also one of my passions and I have helped a few friends in their decisions of completing their living room and bedroom. It’s in the planning to do this on a professional level.

Just to harmonize a room to a perfect picture, is important I think, as what you surround yourself with, influences your mood. I am always thinking of this, when I am in a restaurant or pub, I think of how I would handle the design.

I also feel great pleasure when I see people grow as a person and bloom into their fullest potential. With that I love to help people that seem in need, those that are in a difficult position and really could use some support. When I attended a lecture of the Dalai Lama in Copenhagen in April this year, that feeling grew even more, what a light and inspiration that man brings!

Walking in nature is something that always gives me peace of mind, and is harmony in its purest form. The flowing of clouds in the sky, wild flowers in a wheat field, a tiny bird in a blossom tree, its just perfect as it is. When I was on a Holiday on the Faroe Islands I was blown away by the refreshing ocean air and the impressive steep cliffs. Also the flow of a city, its total picture and ‘feel’, can make me smile.

The city I live in now, Odense, has a fairytale feel to it, as it is the place where H.C Andersen grew up.

All the above I’d like to combine somehow, and make Eco-friendly furniture and products in respect of ‘mother nature’. And also design products that could benefit those in need. As I am living in Denmark where design is a big aspect in life, and respect for nature is high on the list, I feel very much at place and on the right path here.

This is a process that is unfolding in my life right now, like a butterfly spreading its wings.

Writing & drawing by Annerie Meijers


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1st day of SUMMER and last week before maternity leave


Summer arrived with the beautiful sunbeams shining on our balcony. Working from home has it’s benefits. One of them is to be able to lounge in a very comfortable chair. A chair in which you can sit/lay in three different positions. This is especially great because my babybelly is getting bigger and bigger. The only imaginable risk is that it is so comfortable that I could fall asleep. If it was not for my everlasting drive to be busy with coachingactivities I would fall asleep and then lounging wouldn’t be an option. Fortunately I can work and live through the day because of these sunny powerbreaks.

With this beautiful first summer day my last week before maternity leave started as well. My last week, hmmm? Nooo, that’s not possible! There are a few things I would like to finish. Since being pregnant and all I fail on concentration and focus. Does this irritate me? Well, to a certain extent, yes: it’s keeping me busy. I WANT to WORK and finish what I started, but nature calls a lot lately. When I have energy, I work. When I need rest, I take my rest. It’s like a constant communication with my body. Which is good. As a coach I would advise everyone (yes everyone, including the men!:-)) to get pregnant at least once in your life. The process will draw your attention to your body which definitely leads to a more healthy balance between mind and body.

And how come I can live with not finishing my project? Guess once!! Because there is a much BIGGER thing waiting for me/us! Our baby, our first child. How is that for a change? No projects, nor coachingsessions to deal with, but the biggest ‘project’ in life for which I don’t have any experience. Allright, does it count that I have changed diapers of my little brother? Don’t think so. From next week on I will take a deep dive into a neverending babyworld. Will go with the flow!

Flow of my Life

2004 in Dusseldorf, Germany

For a period of three weeks my life was filled with synchronic moments. Moment after moment I was flabbergasted. Why should I be flabbergasted? I am living the life I want. Following my heart, living together with the love of my life, healthy and fortunate. Off course these things will happen to me. That’s what the Course of Miracles, the Secret and Synchronic living of Deepak Chopra teaches us.

And why am I still slightly shocked when my whishes and thoughts come true? One word: magic! It’s magical to me. Living such a light life in which everything I want to enhance my life and the life of others crosses my path. I feel like a child discovering something new.

There were a few wishes from my side:
– Reconnect with Chinese people ( I have a Chinese background)
– I wanted to have some publicity for Orchid of Life
– Thought about Chris, didn’t see him for a long time and wished to just meet him at some random place in stead of mailing or phoning

27th of May: someone on Twitter starts following me. I discover that we are already connected by two people and that we were at the same event in 2007.

31st of May: a long time Chinese friend of mine who I met 8 years ago came back into my life. She is working as a writer for CRTV magazine and was googling on mixed relationships and ended up at the Orchid of Life site. After having seen my picture on the site, she was drawn to the picture for the second time. And there it was, the image struck her. She met me before through a mutual friend. One wish came true. She will mention my work in the article that she is going to write for the August edition of CRTV magazine. Through this meeting I have been invited by the chairman of CRTV to feature in their radio show. Great!

4th of June: From April till the end of June I worked for the Dutch Waterway Authority as a Communication Advisor. What happenend? After two months I was recognized by someone working at the recruitment agency. The same person with whom I shaked hands the first time I entered the building. We met each other in 2007 in the train, both heading to a course concerning personal development.

8th of June: a contact of the college where I studied mails me to ask if I want to be mentioned in a magazine for the parents of their students. Yes, off course! I will be mentioned with my LifeCoachingpractice.

13th of June: and the moments continue. Remember my wish concerning seeing Chris again. He is a long time friend whom I met in 1999. I wanted to just come across him. One week after my wish I came across him at the Biological supermarket in the Hague centre. Out of a deeply felt enthusiasm and laughter I shouted at him: Chris, long time no see!

Miracles can happen when you start following your heart and do good for yourself and for others and the world in which we live in.

The Lazy Manifesto: Do Less. Then, Do even Less

Twitter is a very handy tool to stay up -to -date. Through my sister Ouxu I read the article ‘The Lazy Manifesto: Do Less. Then, Do even Less. Leo Babauta from ZenHabits wrote this article about doing as little as possible. The best part of the article in my opinion, you find below:

  • Go with the flow. Imagine the effort required to swim upstream compared to moving with the flow of a river. If you go with the flow of things, rather than against them, you will naturally do less, and with less effort.
  • Don’t force things. A common mistake — trying to hard, forcing something that doesn’t want to be forced, forcing people to do things they don’t want to do. A lot of effort, action, and time is wasted. Instead, find a smoother way — think of water, which flows around things rather than trying to force its way through them.
  • Find the pressure points. In martial arts, instead of using maximum force, you are wise to find the points in the body where less force can be used to greater effect, whether that’s to cause pain or imbalance or some other effect. Well, I don’t advocate finding pain, but the idea of pressure points is a good one: if you can find the little spots where a little action can change everything, can go a long way, you have mastered the Do Less philosophy.
  • Let others do. Give others the room and freedom to move, to create, to invent, to learn, to work, to do, on their own. Less time, effort and action spent trying to control others means that you do less, but let others make things happen. It means letting go of control, but that’s a good thing. Other people have creativity, imagination, dedication, good ideas too.
  • Let things happen. Often our actions interfere with events that would happen without our actions. In other words, if we took no action, things would happen without us. Sometimes it’s better to let things happen. Step back, don’t act, things will happen without us.

If this inspired you, I recommend you to read the complete article: The Lazy Manifesto: Do Less. Then, Do even Less.