Still feeling stuck? Breathe!

People are coming to breath. Even with this hot summer weather! They are motivated because they have longed for a truer, healthier and stronger connection with their body for so many years. Up until now they have lived with stress, they have dealt with stress in so many different ways, but the stress keeps surfacing from within. And that is exactly where you need to travel to. This time you don’t have to pack your suitcase or backpack. Jump into some comfy clothes and bring a towel.

Let’s deal with the stress for real.

Meaning: start breathing in a conscious connected way to get in touch with all the underlying tensions which are caused by unprocessed emotions related to trauma.

Before people come to breath they have fueled their minds with knowledge in relationship to work and their personal development. They have received mental and physical help, but still feel stuck in different limiting mental and emotional loops meanwhile suffering physical aches which by now they are certain that it doesn’t have a physical root cause.

What I’ve seen and experienced myself and guiding clients is that unprocessed heavy hearted emotions has a negative impact on the body, mind and soul.

The impact on the mind is most obvious in terms of not being able to think clearly, negative thoughts and less mental capacity than you were used to having. The impact on the body can express itself in not being able to get enough sleep, a twitching eyelid, being short-breathed, typical aches around the neck, shoulders and lower back and so on and so forth. The impact on the soul comes around with feelings of being lost, of having no direction, feeling empty and lonely.

In my view on healing we all should start breathing in a conscious connected way. It it brings you back to where you are supposed to be and from where you are supposed to be living.

People who feel lonely start opening up for connection with people when they have reclaimed the natural connection with their bodies.

People who are suffering from physical aches and tension in their bodies learn to release the physical tension through sounds. By expressing sounds they embrace their voice and give sound to their sadness, fear and anger.

And whenever a negative mind starts to rule your life, you should stand up to it and say no to the negative thoughts whirling around in your head and say yes to change, space, positivity and life energy through nature, smiles, hugs and where your curiosity leads you to.

Do you feel lost? Lonely? 
Are you recovery from a burnout?
Are you scared to reach out and connect?

Start connecting with your body and witness how life takes you on a spin or a stroll in the park where you start enjoying life step by step, breath by breath.

You are also welcome for a videocall session via whatsapp, videoskype or facetime.

With Com-Passion,

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I feel anxious and impatient about the house search

I am guiding highly talented people. They are highly sensitive and are in the process of fully embracing their sensitivity. It’s a shame most of them have a hard time acknowledging their talents. I am happy to help out guiding their emotional development. This week there was one lady in particular who experienced a major breakthrough during a coaching and rebirthing session.

Picture this: she is sitting on the couch and telling me they have to move again. It will be their third time in The Hague. She and her husband are expats. She didn’t smile, her facial expression was quite neutral. Since the previous weekend they started their house search together. After the weekend she continued the house search and set aside her own things: applying for jobs, an online course and being kind to herself as part of her path towards living from her talents. She didn’t look happy with her change of focus, but reassured me she was calm and positive towards finding a new home. I listened, took it in, but didn’t believe her.

When one is trapped in limiting beliefs and behaviour at some point you will feel trapped.

Instead of asking any further I invited her to lay down on the air mattress. Start breathing, start aligning with your body and soul. Start awakening your emotional body, because it will tell the truth.

When she was like 15 minutes in the conscious connected breathing she felt a huge pressure on her chest. It felt like an elephant stamping on her chest, she felt anxiety. She started sharing: I feel anxious and impatient about the house search. My husband is working full time and because of this I feel I need to do more, I feel like a 90% responsible whereas this could be a lot less if I would share more of my thoughts and feelings with my husband. It’s me, he is really nice and thoughtful and tells me to focus on my own things.

But I feel selfish if I would do so, focusing on my own things.

I stimulated her to pick up the conscious connected breathing. After 15 more minutes she felt lots of tension in her arms and hands. It hurt her. She asked if she could stop. Of course. And then, while feeling her body it sank in: that voice in her head, it’s not her own, it’s her mother’s voice telling her she is selfish. (and even more: that she needs a lot of attention, that she makes problems out of nothing, she is difficult)

From the moment she realised this, the tension slowly, but steadily left her arms and hands. She felt so relieved.

The coaching and rebirthing sessions I guide are both emotionally intense; it provided the space to process deep-rooted pain, and practical. This lady left the session with homework: involving her husband more in her world of thoughts and feelings regarding the house search, a good talk would do the work so she could focus and enjoy her own work again.

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Coaching: working on a positive attitude

My experience with coachees is that most people do have some kind of idea about what they want in life, but they don’t know how to get there.

1. Finetuning personal goals
During the first session we talk about these ideas on work, love relationship and other wishes regarding their personal development. Like I said, most people have some kind of idea about what they want in life, but when they find themselves talking to a coach they actually finetune what they want. For example: I want a job which will match my studies, knowledge and job experience. We can finetune this goal into: I want a job in which I can mainly work with people away from the desk. I am a real people person. We can then add this to the previous goal and we get a much clearer idea of where we should head to.

2.  Identity coaching: who are you? 
After having set out the personal goals of the coaching traject we really start talking about how you can get there. To get there you need yourself! What do I mean by this? You need to know what your skills are, what you are capable of doing, what your strong and weak points are and how you can put your skills out there to get what you want. Most of the time I come in (into your life) as a coach to broaden and deepen your view on yourself as a person and on life. There are different coaching ways to get out there what you’re good at.

3. Changing mood: get positive and focused
Further down the road: there is no need to talk any further about what you want in life if you’re mentally not ready to think about those stuff. So first of all, I will get you through your world of limiting beliefs. When thinking back on a session I believe the most important thing in which I succeeded during this session was changing the mood of the coachee. At start the coachee was really sad; eyes were hanging, radiation a bit greyish and tone-of-voice was empty. After around 15 minutes I started provoking. From that moment onwards the coachee’s mood became more and more positive; laughing, stronger non-verbal communication, more strength in tone-of-voice and even joking around.

And when you feel in the mood again we get back on the tracks you have chosen to be.